Illegal Fishing Hacks That Work In A Crisis

fishing hacks

Now before you read any further, I have to tell you… all of these fishing hacks are absolutely 100% illegal. Whether they’re against the law in certain states or in every state, the fact is many of these fishing hacks are also dangerous (to both yourself and the fish).

There’s no way you can use any of these fishing methods without getting some serious fines and/or jail time (especially in certain states). They’re just too dangerous, and oftentimes unethical, to use for most of us with a clear conscience.

So then why show them to you?

Simple. The fact is when SHTF it’ll be every man, woman, and child for themselves. Sure, people will band together to form bug out groups, but for the most part it’ll be us against the world (and probably the government as well).

When a major crisis hits, every legality and every regulation will be off the table. That’s because, in a life or death scenario, people will do anything and everything they can to survive. And that includes breaking the law.

When your family is battling starvation for weeks, and the grocery store shelves are cleared out, you’re going to need food and FAST.

Now reason says, “Just fish the normal way.” However, this can be incredibly time-consuming. There’s also many fishing trips that leave fishermen coming back with absolutely zero food. And in a survival situation, you just can’t deal with those odds day in and day out.

That’s why these fishing hacks are real good to put in your back pocket for safekeeping. You never know when you might need them. And, if you, do, you’ll be prepared to do whatever it takes – even breaking the law – to feed yourself and your family.

Illegal Fishing Hacks That Work In A Crisis

1 – Electrofishing

The details of this illegal fishing practice may “shock” you. However, it’s one of the most effective ways to get food out of the water. Take a look:

2 – Fishing With Firearms

You can probably guess how this works by the title. However, you can see what this fishing style looks like in reality by watching the video below.

3 – Gill Netting

This is probably the only time where the term “Nothing but net” applies to fishing. However, this can be a very useful (albeit illegal) method. Check out the video to see:

4 – Lights, Camera, Action

This illegal fishing style will have fish jumping to see you (literally). Take a look:

5 – Explosive Fishing

You and your buddies will have a “dynamite” time using these explosives. Just don’t get caught using this dangerous and illegal fishing method. Take a look:

6 – Poison Fishing

In poison fishing, fishermen temporarily “poison” the water, using toxic substances that remove all oxygen from the water. This causes the fish to swim to the surface, allowing the fishermen to snatch them up. Again, illegal…but entirely useful in an SHTF situation. Here’s a visual:

7 – Catfish Noodling

Sadly, this illegal fishing method doesn’t include pasta. Instead, it entails someone using their bare hands to catch a fish. This is done by placing their hands inside a catfish hole. Take a look at the whopper this guy got his hands on:

Well, there you have it. Like I said, do NOT attempt these fishing hacks under normal circumstances. However, when we get into an SHTF event, these fishing hacks may be the one thing you have to resort to to keep yourself alive. By watching these first, you can Prepare Now, so you are more likely to Survive Later!