Idaho Brings Back Controversial Execution Method

Idaho Brings Back Controversial Execution Method

( – The usage of firing squads is increasing, and Idaho is about to become the fifth state to do so.

The Whig-Standard reported this week’s passage of legislation by Idaho’s legislature authorizing execution by firing squad, emphasizing that it did so with veto-proof majorities.

This action prepares the firing squad as a potential method of execution if lethal injection medications are unavailable.

South Carolina, Mississippi, Utah, and Oklahoma permit fire squad executions.

In response to Idaho’s pro-fire squad legislation, The Associated Press (AP) noted that “the idea of deploying firing squads is making a resurgence.”

The AP said that because pharmaceutical companies forbade the use of their products, firing squads have become, to many, one of the “alternatives to deadly injections.”

The most recent execution by firing squad occurred in Utah on June 18 this year. On that day, Ronnie Lee Gardner was put to death.

Five corrections officers make up a firing squad in Utah, each using a rifle to shoot at a target put on the condemned person’s heart. One of the rifles is loaded with blanks, while the other four are equipped with real ammunition.

The five players are unaware of who is firing live shots and blanks.

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