How To Survive Martial Law

martial law

Most preppers want to know how to survive martial law. And this makes since, considering the rocky political climate.

However, it’s important to remember that martial law can be enforced for other reasons than just war. Some other things that can trigger it are:

  • Civil disobedience (on a massive scale)
  • Natural disasters
  • Manmade crises
  • Major health crises (you can read our tips on how to survive these here)

Many say martial law isn’t going to happen. However, our country has a history of enforcing martial law. And it can happen again.

In its most basic definition, martial law entails military forces having full control to make arrests and conduct trials. And this is the exact thing that has happened in our nation’s past. According to Liberty.News, President Lincoln “…suspended habeas corpus, created military districts ruled by military governors, and spent money to raise military forces without congressional approval, among other actions – all of which were eventually upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

As such, we must do what we can now in order to prepare for martial law.

How To Survive Martial Law

1 – Have A Plan To Get Outta Dodge

A huge part of preparation is the simple act of having a plan. After all, it’s easier to plan accordingly with goals in mind. And an excellent way to prepare for this specific SHTF scenario is to have a bug out plan.

Part of this plan should be making sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas at all times. This is in case you need to make a quick getaway. Another is to make sure you have a good amount of preps stored in your trunk for safe keeping.

It’s also crucial to have a bug out location in place, and to know how to get there without the use of GPS. Whether it’s a friend’s house, rental property, etc. you must be able to get there without using a cell phone. This way, you can still get there safely if your phone dies, or gets lost/stolen.

2 – Train With A Weapon

Many preppers have a tendency to purchase survival weapons and then not use them. This is because they figure they don’t need to figure out how they work until a crisis happens. However, this is a dangerous situation to put yourself in.

Make sure to train yourself in a variety of weapons (preferably not just a gun). This is because, if your gun gets taken away, you can still survive and defend yourself.

Keep in mind it’s also important to prepare for the social panic that often occurs during martial law. If people freak out and panic, pocket-sized weapons are a great way to defend yourself if necessary.

3 – Hide The Goods

Military enforcements may do a walk-through of your home during martial law. Therefore, it’s important to keep your weapons and stockpile hidden as much as possible. After all, you never know if they may take advantage of their authority and take your stuff.

If possible, create a hidden room or safe where you can lock your possessions away. It’s also important to consider other hiding places (such as in flower beds, or under floorboards) to help protect your things.

Now can the government really confiscate your food storage during martial law? Here’s “The Rhino” from Survival Skills 101 with his opinions:

4 – Don’t Draw Attention To Yourself

Martial law is stressful for everybody involved. That’s why it’s crucial to not lose your head and draw attention to yourself. It’s important to stay cool, even when law enforcement is sweeping your home. By being agreeable and polite, they’re less likely to see you as a threat (and to act on it).

5 – Trust Few

Whether you’re in martial law or another type of crisis, it’s crucial to be careful of those whom you choose to trust. Stick to your guns, and listen to your gut. If you get a bad or uneasy feeling about someone, it’s probably for good reason. And be very wary of anyone who says they’re working for the government. After all, as President Reagan so eloquently stated, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”


The more you can do now to prepare yourself for martial law, the more likely you’ll be able to survive it when it comes!