How To Make Fabric Softener + Dryer Sheets

Want to learn how to make your own fabric softener? How about dryer sheets? Look no further than this blog.

Who doesn’t love clothes that are soft and static-free? I would say nobody. 

Unfortunately, these will be luxuries when SHTF. After all, most preppers don’t think about doing laundry when an emergency hits – much less utilizing fabric softener and dryer sheets to keep their clothes fresh and clean.

Luckily, stockpiling these items can super easy and affordable. Not to mention, making your own fabric softener and dryer sheets can actually be a whole lot healthier for you than buying from the store.

Plus, by preparing in advance you’ll be ahead of the game when getting ready for a crisis. And, when SHTF and people want these luxuries, you’ll be sittin’ pretty ready to either barter or sell them to get what you need.

So without further adieu, here’s…

How To Make Fabric Softener + Dryer Sheets

First – Why DIY Fabric Softener + Dry Sheets Is Healthier

This may be disappointing (and even shocking) to some people – but it’s better to know the truth.

The fact is most of those artificial scents that are put in fabric softeners and dryer sheets (such as “mountain breeze” or “lilac fields”) are actually full of toxic substances. And these can harm your health, make you more susceptible to diseases and ailments, and can poison the air in your home.

What’s worse, these indoor pollutants are able to cause or contribute to numerous health issues, such as congestion, nausea, hormone disruption, asthma, heart disease, headaches, eye irritation, and even cancer.

This is a lot to take in (quite literally). Especially when you think about how often your skin comes in contact with these items. Whether you’re sleeping on sheets, wearing clothing or drying off with a towel, your skin is absorbing these chemicals.

However, when you make your own fabric softener and dryer sheets, you get to control what goes in them. And when you use all-natural ingredients, you can wave goodbye to those harmful toxins and pollutants.

How To Make Fabric Softener And Dryer Sheets

Things you’ll need:

  • 2 cups water
  • 1/8 cup vegetable glycerin
  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 10-20 drops essential oil (optional)
  • An empty jug or jar (with cap/lid)
  • 100% cotton cloths (about 5″ x 8″) – you can tear pieces of a 100% cotton T-shirt for this.

Instructions For Making Fabric Softener

Combine the vinegar, glycerin and water into the empty container. Stir well.

Next, add the essential oils (if using). You can use up to 20 drops, so feel free to use one of your favorite scents or combine scents.

When ready to use, add about 1/2 cup to your laundry.

Instructions For Making Dryer Sheets

Add the cotton cloths to the container of homemade fabric softener.

When ready to use, remove one of the cotton cloths and squeeze to reduce the amount of dripping. Now add the cloth to the load of wet clothes and start the dryer.


Use these DIY laundry solutions both now and when SHTF. Your body (and your budget) will thank you!

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