How To Keep Your Info Safe From Digital Hackers

how to keep your info safe

If you don’t know how to keep your info safe from digital hackers, you may soon be in a world of hurt.

Digital hacking is a HUGE deal – it affects all of us. Not to mention, its hit some of the largest companies in the world, such as Sony, Target, LinkedIn, and more. And its cost them both money (in millions) and their shareholders’ trust.

And the scary part is it isn’t very hard for a digital hacker to get into a system. If they know what they’re doing, it just takes minutes (if not seconds).

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Here’s a video showing just how easy it is for someone to hack into your computer.

Now that you know how easy it is for someone to gain access to all your information, you’ll need to know…

How To Keep Your Info Safe From Digital Hackers

Switch Passwords

Most people across the world use the same old passwords over and over again. Worse yet, they use the same password for everything – including bank accounts and other financials.

This is one of the easiest traps to fall into. Because if a hacker figures out your password, he/she now has access to everything digital you hold dear.

The best thing you can do is to immediately change your passwords. Make them different for every important site, and make them difficult to guess. Include numbers, symbols, and capitalization. Do not use patterns like 123 or abc since these are easy to guess. And, no, “password” is not a good password to use.

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Stop Storing Passwords On Your Digital Device

Many people don’t want to forget important passwords. So they put them into their phone, tablet, etc. to remember. The problem is if someone gets your phone/tablet first, they now have all they need to access your accounts.

Leaving passwords on paper isn’t much better. Anyone can walk in and grab that piece of paper for themselves, leaving you vulnerable.

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That’s why it’s important to know various tricks to remembering difficult passwords. One way is to make the password start with the first letter of the name of the site. So, for Facebook, it’ll start with “F.” From there, think of something memorable that starts with that letter – say, your brother Frank.

Now you remember that Frank took you to your first concert when you were 13 years old back in 1975. And let’s say the name of that concert venue was Mile High.

Now you have a new, creative password: Frank13_1975@MileHigh.

Although hackers are very smart and can inevitably get into anything if they try hard enough, most people aren’t going to bother with a password like this. After a few tries, they’ll likely give up and move onto a much easier target.

Change Passwords Often

Just having a strong password(s) is not enough. You have to change it consistently in order to keep confusing computer hackers. After all, the longer that password stays on the site, the more time hackers have to break in and take what’s yours.

Change the password every 3 months or so to keep hackers on their toes. However, if the computer is a public one, it needs to be more often.

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Get A Card Guard

One of the most common (and most terrifying) ways someone can access your financials is by stealing your credit card info. However, what’s crazy is they don’t even need a computer to get into your bank account.

Instead, digital hackers can use nothing but a cell phone in order to access the PIN from your card. Once they have that, they’ll be raking in all your hard-earned cash in just minutes.

And the worst part is, they can access all this information by just standing a few feet away from you. Your card can still be in your purse, wallet, or pocket…the cell signal can still get through.

Except if you have a Card Guard around it. These card-protecting devices block hackers’ signals if they try to get too close. Better yet, these lightweight sleeves can hold up to two cards at a time – allowing you to protect multiple cards at once.

Your credit card information is worth protecting. See how these Card Guards work and get a few for yourself right here.