How To Get Water From A Tree

get water from a tree
Do you know how to get water from a tree? If not, you may be missing out on one of the most crucial survival skills known to man.
There’s no doubt that water is important for survival. After all, humans can typically only live without water for 3 days.
Sure, you can (and should) prepare by stocking up on fresh, pure drinking water. But what happens when you’re bugging out and your stockpile runs out?
To be the most successful, you’re going to need to know multiple methods of getting water in order to survive. And getting water from a tree is one of them.So, without further adieu, here are…

How To Get Water From A Tree

NOTE: Before we start, it’s important to note that these survival tips will NOT work if the tree is poisonous. Do your best to ensure this is not the case before proceeding.

Go After The Condensation

Spring and summer are often the best opportunities to do this, since these are the months that typically have the most sunshine and heat.

Luckily, this option requires very little survival tools. All you need is rope/paracord, and some plastic bags (like a grocery bag).

When you begin, you’ll want to search for branches that are hanging fairly low. This is so you can reach them. Make sure to select branches that have lots of leaves covering them.

Now take your bag and carefully push the end of the branch inside. You want as many leaves inside the bag as possible.

Now tie the bag tightly around the branch with rope, and walk away. For a while.

As the sun’s rays continue to hit the bag, the tree will begin to condensate water. This water then drips into the bag.

The hotter the sun, the more water that will collect in the bag.

Here’s a video showing you the process:

Tap The Tree

Need water year-round? Tap a nearby tree in order to get delicious, pure, nutrient-rich water.

This method works through every season, but is often best in the late winter and early spring. It also works exceptionally well on birch and maple trees.

Better yet, this method requires one thing and one thing only: a good survival knife.

Check out this informative video to learn how you can fill your entire canteen full of lifesaving water thanks to this hack.

As you can see, there are various ways to collect water from trees. And, when you consider all the other lifesaving uses for them – such as firewood, shelter, and more – you’ll realize how incredibly lifesaving trees really are.

Make these water-gathering methods part of your survival plan ASAP. Remember, the more you Prepare Now, the more likely you’ll Survive Later!