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How Pepper Spray Can Spice Up Your Self-Defense

pepper spray

Pepper spray is one of the most effective self-defense tools around. Now, sure, it’s not lethal. So it may not be as effective as a gun (or even a knife) at fully stopping someone in their tracks. However, when it comes to deterring an attacker so you can escape (or grab another weapon) there’s almost nothing better.

Whether you’re a college student, a working professional, or are loving retirement, everyone needs a container of pepper spray on them. There’s just no better way to temporarily blind and deter an attacker in a sticky situation. Plus, it’s so compact nobody has to know you have it until it’s too late.

One of the best things about this invention is that it can get into a lot of places that you can’t take a gun into. For instance, you just can’t bring a gun into many government buildings and airplanes.

However, a compact pepper spray container can get into almost anywhere. I’ve even heard people carrying pepper spray in their purse or pocket and walking through airport security without so much as a second glance.

It’s great to know that everyone can prepare and become ready for anything with this handy device. And the best thing is, there’s a ton more to know about it! Keep reading some more information you’ll need to know when investing in this excellent survival tool.

How Pepper Spray Can Spice Up Your Self-Defense

What Pepper Spray Is

Store-bought pepper spray typically consists of three main chemicals that cause the burn in the victim’s eyes. According to Survival Life, these include:

“Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile – CS, Alphachloroacetaphenone – CN, and OleoresinCapsicum – OC. The CN and CS chemicals cause extreme irritation in membrane tissues and cause the stinging sensation on the skin and especially in the eyes. This stinging typically lasts about five to 30 seconds.”

“The OC chemical component of pepper spray causes an inflammatory and involuntary reaction on the eyes. It causes a temporary lack of vision and extremely and immediately dilates the capillaries.”

However, most preppers don’t know they can actually make their own pepper spray! Check out the video below to see one way to make it for yourself.

Unfortunately, even pepper spray is not without its drawbacks. If the person you’re spraying is drunk, is on drugs, or has an extremely high tolerance for pain, the spray may not be as effective. In these cases, it may even become ineffective, so make sure to have a backup plan if at all possible.

Check Your State’s Laws

Be aware that laws regarding pepper spray vary state to state. For example, in certain states, any individual with a past felony conviction can not carry over 4 oz. of pepper spray.

However, in many states, any person over the age of 18 years old can legally carry pepper spray. Make sure to check your state’s laws before attempting to purchase pepper spray.

Here’s some more valuable information about pepper spray from the writers at Survival Life:

Types of Pepper Spray

1. Forced Cone Spray –

This is one of the most commonly carried forms of pepper spray and typically comes in a 1-ounce or ½-ounce canister. It has a circular spray patterns that is about 2-feet wide, the average size of a human or large dog head. It is known to have a viable spray from about six to 12 feet.

2. Foggers –

This type of pepper spray has wider dispersal area and has a fine droplet spray stream. Because of the manner in which it sprays, the accuracy of the aim is slightly less critical. It may be the best type of pepper spray to use when faced with multiple attackers or during a riot. A significant amount of forced spray comes out of the canister with every squeeze and it is inhaled a bit more quickly than a cone spray – causing more intense and rapid coughing and choking.

3. Stream Sprays –

The steam or broken stream version of pepper sprays act in the same type of fashion as a squirt gun. They deliver a more liquid version of pepper spray at the target. More of the spray is used up quickly with each squirt than when using a forced cone or fogger spray, but the risk of blowback due to wind direction is far lower and the powerful stream has a longer range of effective action.

4. Foam Sprays –

The wind has the least effect on this type of thick pepper spray. It sticks to the face, eyes, and skin more deftly and is very difficult to wipe away. The more the target rubs it to get it off the skin, the more active its effect.

Pepper Spray Basics

Unlike using a gun or knife on a potential attacker, pepper spray will not incapacitate the individual. But, it will sting the heck out of his or her eyes long enough to give you a chance to escape. Once the chemical gas is released from its canister, a burning sensation typically happens almost immediately on the skin of its intended target. Next the target’s eyelids slam closed and they begin to cough or choke.

These results are typical, but cannot be counted upon to always happen. A quick search on YouTube will quickly reveal how drug-crazed individuals refuse to go down after not only having had pepper spray used on them by police officers, but being the target of a Tazer gun zap as well. The best chance at escaping an attacker when armed with only a non-lethal weapon is to aim as accurately and rapidly as possible then run away screaming to draw attention to the incident as quickly as humanly possible.

When in a panicked state, you might not take the time to gauge, or even consider, wind direction. This could be a fatal mistake. Using pepper spray when the wind could blow the chemical gas back at you instead of its intended target, would leave you completely vulnerable to the attacker.

Shake the pepper spray canister at least once a week. This helps ensure the chemical gas mixture remains active and effective. Store away from either extreme heat or cold. Leaving a can of pepper spray in the car during hot summers and chilly winters might render them ineffective. Unfortunately, you would not know until you had to use it – and then it is too late.

How To Use Pepper Spray

  1. Become familiar with the pepper spray and how it works – get comfortable holding the canister. Grip it firmly just as you would a gun or a knife. The spray will not help save you if the attacker can swiftly grab it out of your hand or you hesitate to use it. This allows them to get to close to aim properly before they, not you, are in control of the situation. Use your thumb and not your index finger to hit the spray button. This allows all of your fingers and the palm of your hand to wrap firmly around the entire canister. When you do this it also keeps your hand shaped into a fist. This allows you to punch the attacker with the extra weight of the can inside if a close contact physical confrontation situation occurs.
  2. Again, just like with a handgun, know how many shots (or sprays) the pepper canister holds. Keep a running tally in your head when using the non-lethal weapon against an attacker.
  3. Do not allow the attacker to get any closer than 10 feet. Most pepper sprays are effective and accurate at this range. If you panic and spray too soon, the spray will not even temporarily halt the attacker. If you let them get too close, you have lost the only edge you have in the potentially deadly encounter.
  4. When spraying, keep your arm slightly bent. This prevents the canister from coming closer to the attacker and increasing the chances of the spray being ripped out of your hand. Aim for the eyes – always. I have participated in pepper spray and Tazer training sessions for law enforcement officers. Even the biggest and toughest law enforcement officers immediately become both stopped and stunned when pepper spray hits their eyes.
  5. As noted above, make sure the peppers spray can is easily accessible. Fumbling in a purse or backpack will take up valuable self-defense time you most likely will not have when faced with either an armed or unarmed attacker – or gang of attackers.


Biden’s Reckless Election Stunt: Draining Strategic Reserves to Lower Gas Prices


In a desperate and ill-advised move, the Biden administration announced on Tuesday that it is releasing 1 million barrels of gasoline from a Northeast reserve established after Superstorm Sandy, ostensibly to lower prices at the pump this summer. This blatant attempt to manipulate gas prices ahead of the election underscores the administration’s willingness to jeopardize national security for political gain.

The gasoline will be sold from storage sites in New Jersey and Maine in increments of 100,000 barrels, creating a competitive bidding process to ensure it reaches local retailers ahead of the July 4 holiday. The Energy Department claims this will help “lower costs for American families and consumers,” but the real intention is clear: to curry favor with voters by artificially lowering gas prices.

The release follows a congressional mandate to sell off the 10-year-old Northeast reserve and close it. This reserve, established under President Obama, has never been used and costs about $19 million a year to maintain. Its sale, which provides only minimal relief during a severe shortage, highlights the administration’s short-sightedness and disregard for strategic planning.

Gasoline prices average about $3.60 per gallon nationwide, up 6 cents from a year ago, according to AAA. Tapping into the gasoline reserves is one of the few actions a president can take to control inflation, a major election year liability for the party in power.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm stated that the Biden administration is “laser-focused on lowering prices at the pump for American families.” However, this short-term solution ignores the primary purpose of strategic reserves: to provide emergency relief in times of severe national crises, not to manipulate market prices for political benefit.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre touted this release as part of Biden’s efforts to lower gas and energy costs, including historic releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) and investments in clean energy. Yet, Biden’s previous decision to drain the SPR in 2022, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, already pushed the stockpile to perilously low levels not seen since the 1980s. This reckless depletion of a critical national security asset for short-term political gain drew sharp criticism from Republicans.

Despite attempts to refill the SPR, it still stands at over 367 million barrels, significantly lower than pre-Russia-Ukraine war levels. This makes the U.S. vulnerable in the event of a true energy emergency, as the SPR is intended to be the nation’s emergency oil supply, not a tool for electioneering.

The release of the 42-million-gallon Northeast reserve, which must be transferred or delivered by June 30, is a misguided strategy that offers minimal impact on gasoline prices nationally. As analyst Patrick De Haan from GasBuddy points out, the reserve amounts to just 2.7 hours of total U.S. gasoline consumption, providing negligible relief.

This ill-conceived plan not only undermines the strategic purpose of the reserve but also sets a dangerous precedent of using emergency resources for political maneuvering. Biden’s actions highlight a disturbing trend of prioritizing political optics over national security and long-term stability.



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Biden Authorized “Deadly Force” In Mar-a-Lago Raid


In an alarming display of federal overreach and political maneuvering, it has been revealed that Joe Biden’s administration was prepared to have his main political rival, Donald Trump, and his family killed as part of a dramatic publicity stunt.

On Tuesday, Judge Aileen Cannon unsealed a series of motions related to Jack Smith’s controversial classified documents case against Trump. Among the shocking revelations was the fact that Biden’s FBI authorized the use of deadly force during their raid on Mar-a-Lago in August 2022.

This brazen action by armed FBI agents, ready to confront Trump, demonstrates the extreme lengths to which Biden’s administration is willing to go. The filing stated: “Should FPOTUS [Trump] arrive at MAL [Mar-a-Lago], FBI MM EM and OSCs will be prepared to engage with FPOTUS and USSS Security Team.” Furthermore, it added, “Should USSS provide resistance or interfere with FBI timeline or accesses, FBI MM EM will engage with [redacted] and [redacted] will engage with USSS POC’s per existing liaison relationships.”

A chilling screenshot of the deadly force instructions outlined the conditions under which DOJ law enforcement officers could use deadly force: only when necessary, when the officer has a reasonable belief that the subject poses an imminent danger of death or serious physical injury.

This unprecedented move comes after Biden paved the way for his Justice Department to arrest his political opponent by retroactively revoking Trump’s executive privilege. This revocation facilitated the subpoenaing of Trump, which in turn allowed the Justice Department to charge him with federal crimes.

Following the subpoena, federal agents arrived at Mar-a-Lago, retrieving documents and instructing the former president to add an extra lock to his storage locker. However, two months later, the FBI conducted a full-scale raid on Mar-a-Lago, ransacking Trump’s belongings without allowing his lawyers to be present.

The situation escalated when, in November 2022, Jack Smith was appointed special counsel to investigate the documents at Trump’s Florida residence. By June 2023, Trump faced an indictment on 37 counts related to Smith’s classified documents case, including charges of willful retention, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and making false statements.

This entire episode underscores the alarming extent of Biden’s politicization of the Justice Department and the dangerous precedent it sets for using federal power to target political opponents.


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OUTRAGEOUS: Biden Offers Condolences to Dead Iranian President


In a move that defies common sense and American values, the Biden State Department issued an official message of condolences on Monday after learning of the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash. Raisi, notorious for leading “Death to America” chants and demonizing the U.S. at every turn, has been a symbol of Iran’s relentless hostility towards our nation.

Raisi’s deep-seated hatred for the United States is well-documented. Just this past February, during a rally where American and Israeli flags were burned in a grotesque spectacle, Raisi vehemently criticized the U.S. for supporting what he deceitfully labeled as “the Zionist regime’s crimes against humanity in Gaza.” His incendiary words stirred the crowd into chanting “death to America” and “death to Israel,” as reported by The Free Beacon.

In a move that can only be described as a betrayal of American principles, the Biden administration extended its condolences. “The United States expresses its official condolences for the death of Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, foreign minister [Hossein] Amir-Abdollahian, and other members of their delegation in a helicopter crash in northwest Iran,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said. He added, “As Iran selects a new president, we reaffirm our support for the Iranian people and their struggle for human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

This statement is not just perplexing; it is an outright disgrace. Raisi, infamously known as “the Butcher of Tehran,” was one of the architects of the 1988 massacre in Iran, where around 5,000 regime opponents were mercilessly executed. As a member of the regime’s “death committee,” Raisi was instrumental in issuing death sentences to scores of political opponents, cementing his legacy as a ruthless enforcer of the regime’s brutality.

In 2019, Raisi was rightly sanctioned by the U.S. government for his involvement in decades of mass human rights abuses. Despite these sanctions and Raisi’s clear anti-American stance, the Biden administration’s conciliatory tone is both alarming and indefensible.

This move epitomizes a dangerous and cowardly appeasement strategy, reminiscent of the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal. By offering condolences to a regime leader with such a blood-soaked history, the Biden administration not only betrays American values but also risks emboldening hostile regimes. This episode starkly highlights the administration’s weak and inconsistent foreign policy approach, particularly towards malevolent actors like Iran.

The Biden administration’s failure to confront evil and defend American principles on the global stage is a glaring reminder of its inadequacy. This incident demands a reevaluation of the U.S. stance on Iran, emphasizing the urgent need for a firm and resolute policy that unapologetically prioritizes American interests and holds oppressive regimes accountable for their atrocities. We must stand strong against tyranny, not offer condolences to its leaders.


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