How Biden’s Oval Office Address Left Israel Vulnerable Again

How Biden's Oval Office Address Left Israel Vulnerable Again

( – Opinion) – On Thursday night, President Joe Biden delivered a catastrophic speech from the Oval Office, which might turn his otherwise successful visit to Israel into a nightmare for foreign policy.

He started by expressing his sincere support for Israel and the thousands of people that the Palestinian terror organization, Hamas, had killed, maimed, and abducted.

However, he then attempted to connect the war in Ukraine, which is losing popularity and is not well understood in America, with Israel, a topic that the American people agree on.

Biden’s seeming shaky and conditional support for Israel was concerning. During his visit, Biden executed the visit with sensitivity.

The fact that he went at all was commendable, and he made the correct statement when he did: “You are not alone.”

However, Biden committed a blunder when he insisted on humanitarian aid reaching Gaza despite being aware that Hamas militants would seize it and undermine Israel’s demand to release all detainees, including American citizens.

And now he has linked financing for Israel’s war effort to financing Ukraine’s protracted standoff with Russia, endangering the former.

This connection was an attempt to defend support for friends in general in the most sympathetic terms.

However, it appeared and felt more like a ploy and an excuse to spend billions more on Ukraine.

But what’s more troubling than continuing the funding of what seems to be an endless war, there is no accountability on how or where that money is used.

Washington lobbyists and contractors will be ecstatic about that. Still, Americans will be outraged as they ask why the Biden administration will not use even the most minor portion of those billions to complete the southern border wall to protect our nation.

Tying Israel to Ukraine is an attempt to get over resistance in the House of Representatives, where conservatives are beginning to voice concerns about the purpose of the conflict and whether or not money is being stolen.

The House is controlled by Republicans.

Israel is not Ukraine, though. Israel is a more intimate ally. It has been a democracy for a lot longer than Ukraine.

Its equipment, such as the Iron Dome, protects American troops, and its intelligence supports American counterterrorism efforts.

Because the United States wanted to maintain Arab friends in its coalition during the Gulf War, Israel took the bullets—or, more accurately, the Scud missiles—for the United States, allowing Iraq to attack it without retaliation.

More importantly, millions of Christian and Jewish Americans love Israel and travel there regularly.

But Ukraine has an option: even if it accepts territorial losses, it can negotiate peace with Russia.

Israel is battling for its life and cannot engage in negotiations with Hamas or its Iranian allies.

Biden put Israel at more risk by linking the two’s finances together.

Similarly, Biden emphasized the need for an Israeli-Palestinian conflict “two-state solution.” However, that should not be an option.

The peril of having a totally autonomous Palestinian territory adjacent to Israel has been demonstrated by Hamas.

Notably, the region’s Arab leaders have abandoned the idea that peace will only come via establishing a Palestinian state.

The Saudi Crown Prince did not mention his desire to “ease the life of the Palestinians” before the war.

The demand for Palestinian statehood in exchange for peace will only increase terror.

Additionally, Biden made statements opposing Islamophobia and antisemitism.

However, he connected Israel to these divisive ideas, claiming to have advised Israeli leaders not to be “blinded by rage.”

Never mind that the Israeli military respects the greatest human rights standards, and Israelis, Arab and Jewish, have united against Hamas.

The situation at our campuses, where left-wing students are staging protests in support of terrorism, was not addressed by Biden.

He also didn’t address the latest assaults on American personnel in Syria and close to Yemen.

The speech in the Oval Office was the antithesis of Biden’s pro-Israel speech from the previous week.

Israel “has the right to respond—and, indeed, has a duty to respond” to terrorism, according to a statement made by Biden back then.

That speech was so powerful that Israeli educators began assigning it to students in English classes.

This week’s message, however, was different: Israel can defend itself provided that Ukraine receives financial support, the Palestinians receive aid and statehood, and the Israelis pledge not to become very enraged over what transpired.

In other words, Biden created a prerequisite for Israel’s survival.

As a result, and as he has done throughout his presidency, Biden displayed weakness in place of unity with U.S. allies.

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