High School Closed For Learning, Used As Housing For Illegals


Elon Musk delivered a stark and critical warning in the wake of New York City students being compelled to transition to remote learning on Wednesday. The student’s school was off-limits because it had been repurposed to house illegal aliens for the night.

In a pointed statement on X, Musk articulated, “This is a direct consequence of the shortage of available hotel rooms. What we’re witnessing now is just the beginning – as cities deplete their schools to accommodate migrants, it’s only a matter of time before residences become the next target.”

It’s a stark and true warning about the dangers of illegal mass migration thanks to the Biden Administration’s open border disaster. Indeed, Massachusetts Governor Healey has called on residents of that state to provide housing for the illegal invaders in their own homes. 

Musk’s statement was prompted by a video shared on the LibsofTikTok account, showcasing migrants arriving at James Madison High School in Brooklyn. LibsofTikTok didn’t mince words, criticizing the closure of schools and directly attributing it to migrants utilizing the gym, proclaiming, “NYC is prioritizing illegals over Americans.”

Expressing heightened concern, Musk doubled down, stating, “They’ve not only depleted hotel room availability but have also displaced students from their schools due to unlawful housing. And now, astonishingly, they are eyeing your very homes.” This sentiment was underscored by an article shared by LibsofTikTok, shedding light on Governor Healey’s call for Massachusetts residents to host migrant families amid a shelter crisis.

Inna Vernikov, the New York City Council Minority Whip, staunchly voiced her objections, emphasizing that approximately 2,000 migrants were being transported to James Madison High School in anticipation of an incoming storm. She demanded an immediate cessation of the practice of using public schools as makeshift migrant shelters, drawing attention to the profound disruption caused to students, parents, and school staff.

Assemblyman Mike Reilly, a presence at the Brooklyn high school, voiced vehement criticism, underscoring the impact on students preparing for critical exams and college applications. He underscored the urgent necessity of precluding schools from being commandeered as migrant shelters, referencing a bipartisan bill he had ardently introduced in anticipation of such scenarios.

The disruptive events fueled parental protests, with heightened concerns expressed over some teachers allegedly failing to actively participate in remote learning. Reilly aimed at the decision to close schools, sharply emphasizing the adverse effects on low-income Title 1 students who rely on school meals, portraying it as a dire consequence of an immigration system seemingly prioritizing migrants over the well-being and educational stability of American citizens.