‘Guns & Transphobes:’ See The Tweet That Toppled Hobbs’s Press Secretary

Guns & Transphobes: See The Tweet That Toppled Hobbs's Press Secretary

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – Gov. Katie Hobbs’ (D-AZ) press secretary, Josselyn Berry, reportedly resigned after the governor received calls to sack her following a tweet that emphasized aiming weapons at “transphobes.”

On Wednesday, Berry’s resignation was initially reported on by reporters Dennis Welch and Peter Valencia of Arizona’s Family Stations.

As reported by Welch and Valencia, Berry’s message was taken down by Twitter. It was sent hours after a transgender biological woman, who has since been identified as the gunman, killed three children and three adults at a Tennessee Christian school on Monday.

The manifesto that the now-deceased murderer Audrey Hale, 28, is accused of writing was not made public, according to the local police.

According to Breitbart News, Berry uploaded a gif from the 1980 movie Gloria showing a lady holding two pistols. Berry’s account is now private. She wrote, “Us when we see transphobes,” with the gif.

As Berry published the article “[l]ess than 12 hours after the horrible shooting in Nashville by a crazed transgender activist,” the Arizona Freedom Caucus demanded that she be dismissed immediately.

The Arizona Freedom Caucus commented, “Calling for violence like this is un-American & never appropriate.”

Tim Young, a political analyst and comedian said that Berry must be fired by Hobbs “for inciting gun violence following the Christian school shooting,” adding that if not, “she promotes the act… there’s no in between.”

No other course of action “will be acceptable,” The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh tweeted, adding that Berry must be fired “immediately” and that “any Republican would be fired for this in an instant.” Walsh also said that he is “done with the double standard.”

Despite agreeing with Walsh that a Republican or conservative “would be personally & professionally destroyed” if they “made light of a mass shooting & called for more violence,” Arizona Republican Kari Lake deviated from the Freedom Caucus and Walsh in calling for Hobbs’s dismissal, claiming conservatives do not embrace cancel culture.

She continued, “we don’t participate in cancel culture, but the media’s prejudice has never been more apparent.”

Hobbs’ secretary resigns after an apparent controversial tweet about ‘transphobes.’

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