4 Tips On Proper Gun Maintenance When SHTF

gun maintenance

When SHTF it is crucial that you be able to use proper gun maintenance. That’s because that firearm of yours is one of the only things that can help defend you from the outside world. That includes animals, looters, marauders, rioters, and more. And in a crisis even the most friendly of people can become vicious, vengeful, and out for their own desires. So it’s best you do what you can now to prepare.

One of the best ways you can get ready for this event is to know how to properly maintain your firearm in the heat of a survival situation. When you likely won’t have a safe, comfy garage and all your equipment and time to do it all at your leisure.

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No, when SHTF you need to get your gun cleaned, maintained and ready for that next shot (whenever it comes). And to do that, you’ll need these…

4 Tips On Proper Gun Maintenance When SHTF

Why Firearm Maintenance Is Important

It’s important to keep your firearm in the best condition possible – no matter what’s going on around you. That’s because a firearm that’s well-taken care of will bring you more positive results, and will enhance your accuracy. And accuracy is key when you’re going after one of the few big game left in a crisis.

Not to mention, it can always serve you well to enhance your gun handling techniques. Plus, the more you follow this maintenance process, the faster you’ll be when it’s time to take care of your firearm.

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How To Perform Proper Gun Maintenance

There’s a few steps to follow to ensure you’re maintaining your gun properly. These include (in order):

  1. Unloading Your Firearm: Always point the muzzle in a safe direction when unloading. Treat the gun as if it’s loaded (even if it’s not). Keep your finger away from the trigger at all times.
  2. Eject The Magazine: If the firearm has a magazine, eject it safely using proper caution.
  3. Empty Out The Chambers: Pull the slide of your gun. Then physically and visually make sure there aren’t any cartridges in the chamber or in the magazine. Making sure the gun is completely empty will help prevent any unwanted surprises.
  4. Figure Out Which Parts To Clean: There are five parts of your firearm you need to clean and maintain. These include the frame, slide, guide rod, recoil spring, and barrel.
  5. Clean The 5 Gun Parts: Wipe down each of the five parts (listed in #4) using a clean cloth. Pour solvent onto the dirty parts, and keep it on the parts for a few minutes so it can absorb as much dirt as possible. Then use a brush to scrub out your gun parts, and wipe them clean. Now the parts are ready to store.

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How To Store Your Gun

Before storing your gun, make sure to add on a trigger lock. This can help ensure the ultimate safety of your firearm if anything unexpected does occur.

When storing, it’s important to place your firearm(s) in a safe place away from children and unauthorized users. This can include gun cases, strong & secure boxes, and gun safes. No matter which option you choose, make sure it locks securely and can be placed somewhere without drawing unwanted attention.

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