8 Crazy Ways To Use Gum For Survival

Most preppers have no idea that you can use gum for survival. The truth is chewing gum can actually help you out in a variety of ways when it comes to emergency situations.  And it can do a whole lot more than just freshen your breath.
You’ll be astounded at these…

8 Crazy Ways To Use Gum For Survival

Cook Survival Food

Here’s a cool trick. Take a stick of chewing gum and unwrap it from the wrapper. Now hold onto the actual gum – you’ll use it for one of the methods below. Now take the wrapper and make sure it’s got that glossy, metallic finish – that’s the kind you need to get a fire going.

Got a AA battery? Good. You’re almost there. Check out the video to learn the rest.

MacGyver Solutions

If you’re a fan of the show MacGyver, you know he used every item imaginable to fashion some of the craziest things. Well, this is one of those MacGyver methods.

Gum is ideal for these situations because it’s so sticky and pliable. Using it, you can put a stopper on leaky water bottles (or boats), temporarily fix a leaky car radiator, secure a window pane that’s loose, hold broken glass together, and more.

These may be temporary fixes. But when SHTF they’ll hold you through until you can get ahold of more permanent solutions.

Catch Dinner

Not all fish are going to chase after your gum… but some will – particularly catfish and minnows.

Now of course minnows might not keep you full. But you can either catch lots of them, or use them as bait to catch a heftier fish.

You’ll want sugary, colorful gum to help make this fishing solution effective.

Also – remember that fish can’t digest gum, and so you’ll only want to use this in emergency situations.

Check out the video to see this fishing technique at work.

Relieve Nausea

Here’s a cool trick. If you’re feeling nauseous, chew on some gum. This will increase your saliva, which can help break down your food (thus aiding in digestion). Ginger gum can also help ease nausea, providing some much needed relief.

Combat Stress

One effective way to reduce stress is to chew gum. That’s because the constant chewing helps give your body something to do, thus releasing anxiety. Chewing gum can also help you stay more alert. And, if you get the types with caffeine, gum can even help you stay awake in a crisis.

Enhance Morale

People are bound to fall into depression and sadness once a crisis has hit. Situations can often cause people to long for those little things – those “creature comforts” we all so heavily relied on.

Well, chewing gum can be a small (but effective) way to help give people a glimmer of hope. Use mint to help freshen people’s breath (they’ll likely need it). Or invest in delicious flavors for a tasty snack.


Many people will likely be vying for your gum when SHTF. After all, during the Great Depression small, hard candy became incredibly popular, as people longed to take their minds off the hard times and have a nice treat. Invest in flavored gums, and be ready to trade (or sell) them for resources you need.

Forget Your Hunger

It’s unlikely you’ll still be eating three square meals a day when SHTF. That’s why it’s important to have a way to suppress your appetite. Invest in gums that have natural additives (like hoodia and caffeine) to help tide you over until your next meal.


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