Gavin Newsom Plans to Fine Schools Resisting LGBTQIA2S Lessons

Gavin Newsom Plans to Fine Schools Resisting LGBTQIA2S Lessons

( – Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California, has a history of criticizing conservative states for their refusal to include LGBTQ curricula.

Now, he is focusing on local school districts in his own state by supporting a harsh measure that will force compliance.

“The state could intervene in local districts and penalize them if their curricula lacked materials on ethnic groups and “LGBT+ Americans,” according to the AB 1078 proposed by Assembly-member Corey Jackson (D-Perris).

Even the state’s left-leaning legislature, which is controlled by Democratic Party supermajorities in both houses, deemed the law to be excessive. But when it came to building a weapon to employ against conservative districts, Newsom got in.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Newsom is going after the Temecula public school district in Southern California because conservatives who won school board seats are against teaching LGBTQ+ material.

The Times wrote:

“The debate arose after the board rejected proposed instructional material that mentioned Harvey Milk, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the first out gay man elected to public office in California, who was assassinated in 1978.

Earlier this year, Newsom proclaimed May 22 to be Harvey Milk Day to honor his activism done “at great personal risk.”

“Conservative school board President Joseph Komrosky, who called Milk a “pedophile” and has been publicly feuding with Newsom over the issue, asked sheriff deputies on Tuesday to remove a teacher from the meeting after she called conservative board member Danny Gonzalez a “homophobe.”

On Wednesday, Newsom announced that the state is entering into a contract to secure textbooks for the district in time for the first day of school next month.”

Although he has no authority, Newsom added that he is dedicated to fining the Temecula district for non-compliance, even if doing so will directly harm the district’s pupils.

Last month, Komrosky referred to Milk as a “pedophile,” Newsom criticized him for making such “an offensive statement from an ignorant person.”

According to Breitbart News, Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Magazine responded to allegations that Harvey Milk was a pedophile by quoting a book that purported the icon had associations with two young people who were 16 and 17 years old.

California’s legal consent age is 18 years old.

In particular local school districts, there has been fierce opposition to including LGBTQ materials, particularly those that describe sexuality.

In June, fights broke out at school board meetings close to Los Angeles due to this opposition.

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