Gavin Newsom Demands Constitutional Amendment to Tackle Gun Control

Gavin Newsom Demands Constitutional Amendment to Tackle Gun Control

( – On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) advocated for a constitutional amendment to impose gun regulation on the nation, saying that his plan “leaves the 2nd Amendment intact.”

It is unclear how Newsom’s proposed Twenty-eighth Amendment, which limits the right to bear guns and says the Second Amendment “shall not be… infringed,” would keep the Second Amendment “intact.”

Furthermore, it’s not apparent how Newsom plans to get started if, as he claims, Congress is to blame for inaction because a two-thirds vote of Congress is typically required to begin altering the Constitution.

The only other way to pass a constitutional amendment is to host a convention of the states under Article V of the Constitution, which conservatives would relish and have been working to arrange for almost ten years.

According to Newsom’s explanation in the video on Twitter (above): “Convening a constitutional convention requires two-thirds of the states to call for this [amendment].”

He asserts that California will be the “first” state to request such a convention. Still, 19 states—primarily Republican-ruled—have already done so to approve conservative ideas.

To support the Constitution’s original intent, conservatives such as radio presenter Mark Levin have called for such a convention. Leftist organizations like Common Cause have called such a convention “dangerous.”

Rather than achieving the desired outcome, it seems like Newsom, rumored to have presidential aspirations, is exploiting the push for a new amendment to establish himself as a Democratic leader on the subject.

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