Future of Firearms? New Smart Gun with Biometric Tech Coming Soon

Future of Firearms? New Smart Gun with Biometric Tech Coming Soon

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – The $1,500 9mm “smart gun” from Biofire Technologies, which uses biometric fingerprint technology and is scheduled for availability in 2024, is receiving the last touches.

Despite decades of research, “smart firearms” have not yet been shown to be practical since their activation mechanisms or theories have failed.

For instance, some of the early “smart weapons” required a bracelet to unlock, and it soon became apparent that a thief could steal the bracelet and the pistol to obtain a functional weapon.

Another illustration: In 2017, when the Armatix IP1 “smart gun” with a watch was popular, a hacker demonstrated how to jam the gun using $15 worth of magnets, leaving it useless for self-defense.

The next Biofire “smart gun” does not require pairing with a watch or bracelet; instead, it unlocks using a biometric fingerprint scanner. The issue with biometric readers is that they have a history of breaking down if the user’s finger is wet or covered in mud, blood, or other undesirable substances.

Breitbart News demonstrated in 2020 what occurs when a person tries to use a fingerprint reader with a damp finger or thumb by using an iPhone fingerprint scanner:

According to FOX News, the Biofire “smart gun” also features a facial recognition system.

Kai Kloepfer, the Founder of Biofire, created a “smart gun” in 2016 that CBS News called “pretty reliable.” According to Breitbart News, Kloepfer acknowledged that the fingerprint scanner on the smart gun have a flaw in that it would not function if the authorized user were wearing gloves or if his fingers were unclean.

The estimated retail price of the next Biofire “smart gun” is $1,500. In contrast, a Glock 19 9mm, Sig Sauer P365, and Smith & Wesson MP 9mm can all be acquired for about $500.

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