FREED Brittney Griner Says The Quiet Part Out Loud – Liberals RAGING!

( – The Star-Spangled Banner “hit different” for FREED Brittney Griner and her teammates as they stood for it before Saturday night’s preseason game.

The WNBA star made headlines after being stopped while attempting to leave Moscow with cannabis oil in a vape cartridge in her luggage shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine.

Hearing the national anthem “hit different,” according to Griner.

“It’s like when you go for the Olympics, you’re sitting there, about to get the gold put on your neck, the flags are going up, and the national anthem is playing, it just hits different.”

Coach Vanessa Nygaard of the Phoenix Mercury concurred.

Nygaard remarked, “We just had chills as we looked at each other.” “We were present for everything last year. It’s making me feel emotional right now. It’s a complete miracle to see her back out there. It was incredible. I’m getting goosebumps once more.”

The unexpected affection of Griner for the Star-Spangled Banner also “hits” in a different way.

Griner, after all, advocated for a complete ban on playing the national anthem at sporting events in 2020 in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Before being incarcerated, she said, “I’m still going to voice my disapproval. I won’t be present for the National Anthem.”

“It’s fine if the league wants to play it in the future. I won’t be outside during the entire season. More people will follow suit. Only I can speak for myself.”

Why the change of mind?

Griner gained a firsthand insight into a real dictatorship, which many radical leftists and anti-anthem woke idiots would benefit from.

Most radicals believe that America is an oppressive regime, so they reject the country, the national anthem, and everything else that might be construed as patriotic.

This is a privileged idea because most of these snobs have never gone to bed on an empty stomach, have never been more than a short walk from a source of drinking water, and have always had the freedom to move around and express themselves.

That’s because radical leftists, in contrast to their archetypal watchers of conservatives, have little to no knowledge of how the rest of the world operates and absolutely no knowledge of how truly magnificent America is.

Griner wanted a taste of that after receiving a nine 1/2-year sentence to a labor camp in Russia for possessing some cannabis oil in a vape cartridge.

Nobody should hold onto the delusion that Griner will support Trump or DeSantis and join the NRA as a card-carrying member.

As you read this, she’s likely receiving instructions from her communist handlers to retract her remarks supporting the anthem.

It’s too late, though. Brittney Griner has said the quiet part out loud.

Whatever she says next, it’s evident that Brittney Griner received thorough training on how wonderful her country is – directly from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And let’s not forget – Marine Paul Whalen and teacher Mark Fogel are still jailed in a Russian prison. Griner was exchanged for man who’s nicknamed “The Merchant of Death.”

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