France On FIRE: Chaos Erupts, Over 3K arrested in Deadly War-Zone Riots

France On FIRE: Chaos Erupts, Over 3K arrested in Deadly War-Zone Riots

( – A compilation of the reported burnings to date, with the toll amounting to thousands of vehicles and buildings, has vividly underscored the enormous extent of damage and vandalism in France over a week of violent rioting.

A police officer shot and killed a teenager of Algerian descent in a suburb of Paris during a traffic stop, sparking six nights of riots. According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior, there have been 5,662 vehicle fires so far, according to Le Parisien.

Images taken in the areas of disturbance in France witness the widespread damage to automobiles, including individual cars, trucks, and buses. Vandals have also targeted trams.

In one highly publicized incident, thieves took a big truck and used it to smash down a mall’s doors and take everything inside. On Thursday night alone, 1,919 vehicles caught fire.

The grandmother of the dead youngster at the center of this upheaval emphasized that attacks on public transportation are not without their consequences, particularly for less affluent neighborhoods that disproportionately depend on it to go about.

After seeing pictures of entire bus terminals being burned to the ground, Nahel’s grandmother, Nadia, pleaded with the populace to “stop and do not riot… I command the rioters to refrain from attacking buses, schools, or windows. Stop! The mothers are the ones who board the bus and venture outside.”

Public transportation has been shut down every evening, partly due to the outright destruction of public transportation vehicles, but also to safeguard passengers and employees and restrict the movement of young people during the de facto curfew imposed across France to stop rioting.

Le Figaro reports that this will continue this week and urges travelers to plan earlier to avoid getting stranded.

However, the damage has not only been limited to burned-out vehicles like cars and buses. According to government statistics, the riots have caused damage to at least 1,000 buildings.

Two hundred fifty-four police stations have been attacked, including several town halls, schools, post offices, and privately owned business buildings that have been set on fire or looted.

Although the administration took a while to respond to the violence last week, it eventually seemed to have the situation under control after increasing the police deployment from 7,000 to 45,000 every night.

According to reports, there have been fewer arrests and records of damage each night over the weekend, with 157 arrests from Sunday into Monday morning compared to 1,311 from Friday night into Saturday.

So far, there have been 2,354 arrests overall. According to Le Parisien, the average age of those being detained is 17, and 60% have no past criminal history.

Despite the relatively low number of seriously injured police officers (722), there have been riot-related injuries to 722 police officers.

Authorities haven’t formally connected the death of a firefighter who died over the weekend to the riots, even though it is believed he was trying to put out a car fire in an underground parking lot at the time of his passing.

The firefighter, who was only 24 years old, passed away after a heart attack.

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