Exposed! The Secret Biden Advisor Behind Biden’s Regime

Exposed! The Secret Biden Advisor Behind Biden's Regime

( – Amid an impeachment investigation investigating the president, Hunter Biden is supposedly President Joe Biden’s informal adviser.

According to the New York Times, who referred to Hunter Biden as the president’s “informal adviser” who has even influenced the latter’s speeches, the two routinely chat on the phone and “occasionally” discuss politics.

The Times said that of father and son, “people who know both men say their bond is singular in its intensity.”

But even President Biden’s supporters, who take pride in his political and humanitarian instincts, claim that he has occasionally been too submissive to his younger son, looking unable to tell him no despite Hunter’s issues and his lengthy history of poor choices.

“Mr. Biden’s devotion to his son means that he has long followed Hunter’s lead,” the report said.

“Although Mr. Biden’s seeming reluctance to say no when Hunter tried to entice him into his business operations has been chastised in private by the president’s allies, they have a great deal of respect for the friendship,” it added.

While Hunter advises Joe Biden, the two are being looked into by House Republicans, who have started an impeachment probe into Joe Biden. Meanwhile, a special counsel is still actively looking into Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s DOJ could not agree after the judge reviewed Hunter’s initial plea deal in August.

The arrangement permitted Hunter Biden to enter a guilty plea for failing to pay taxes on more than $1.5 million in income in 2017 and 2018, obtaining probation instead of jail time.

Concerns about a possible conflict of interest were raised by several Republicans regarding Hunter Biden’s informal advising role to Joe Biden.

The House Oversight Committee must immediately subpoena Hunter’s records and have a staff deposition,” Mike Davis, founder and president of the pro-Trump Article III Project and former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, told Breitbart News.

“Hunter purportedly divested his 10 percent stake in BHR partners. But there is no evidence Hunter received any payment for his divestment,” Davis said. “Giving Hunter’s track record, this is shady. It looks like Hunter is continuing the Biden family corruption with one foot in the White House and the other in BHR partners.”

According to an April Breitbart News exclusive, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Kevin Morris, has a 10% share in BHR Partners, a Chinese state-backed investment fund established only a few days after Hunter and President Joe Biden visited China in 2013.

Breitbart News verified and corroborated the “Signing Instructions” email and the venture contract with someone familiar with the deal.

The source further stated that “Skaneateles, LLC” has a 10% investment in the [BHR] business” and that “Kevin Morris is the “managing partner” of the company.

61 percent of Americans, according to a recent CNN poll, think Joe Biden was involved in his family’s business dealings with China and Ukraine.

Only 38% of respondents deny Joe Biden’s involvement, and only 1% believe he was involved but did nothing wrong.

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