Exposed: Controversial Move to ‘Vaccinate’ Your Food Supply!

Exposed: Controversial Move to 'Vaccinate' Your Food Supply!

( – The first “edible vaccinations” were created by scientists in the form of mRNA-infused cow’s milk.

The action coincides with an international campaign to vaccinate the food supply using genetically altered plants and livestock.

Chinese researchers successfully “immunized” mice using cow’s milk laced with mRNA.

An experimental mRNA product like the one discovered in the Covid injections was present in high concentrations in the milk.

Chinese researchers have developed an oral vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, using “mRNA bovine milk-derived exosomes.”

According to their study, milk trains the body to produce an immunological response when exposed to spikes in protein.

According to the study,

“these results suggested that a bovine milk-derived exosome-based mRNA vaccine could serve as a novel approach for avoiding SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

Meanwhile, it can function as a brand-new oral mRNA delivery mechanism.

Regrettably, there is already a chance that this emerging technology will be used in the dairy industry in America.

There is no law requiring informed consent for vaccines in the food supply in the United States.

For instance, according to attorney Thomas Renz, lobbying organizations like the Missouri Cattleman’s Association oppose a Missouri measure that seeks to mandate the disclosure of genetically modified organisms and even pharmaceuticals in food.

Wednesday, Renz tweeted, “The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association is 100% opposed to Missouri HB1169.”

“Why do they oppose the law if they aren’t injecting cows with medications that change their genes? They are doing more, and they will do more, in fact.”

Companies plan to use genetically modified plants and animals to produce edible vaccines.

The Cattleman and Pork Associations are pressuring U.S. farmers to give their livestock the experimental mRNA Covid shots this month.

The Chinese study, according to renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, “confirms that concerns regarding surreptitious insertion of mRNA into meals are true.”

“This is a major issue that has to be resolved. Finding the right uses for this technology will require extensive research because mRNA in the food chain is a genuine hazard. COVID-19 vaccination is not one of them and ought to be prohibited right away,” he tweeted on Saturday.

Public health agencies can manipulate the nation’s food supply to influence population outcomes. A great example is fortifying cereal grains with folic acid — the synthetic form of folate — which successfully reduced the incidence of neural tube defects (e.g., spina bifida).

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