Emergency Strategies For Keeping Warm In Winter

keeping warm in winter

Now that it’s getting colder, it is absolutely essential to know about these emergency strategies for keeping warm in winter.

If your body temperature isn’t high enough when winter rolls around, this can easily lead to hypothermia, pneumonia, and even death.

Unfortunately, too many people depend on the luxuries we have now, such as electricity and forced air heating in order to stay warm in the cold. But what happens when a crisis occurs and the power goes out? How will we survive?

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These luxuries are wonderful, but they shouldn’t be the only wintertime survival tools in your arsenal. Check out these…

Emergency Strategies For Keeping Warm In Winter

NOTE: We’ve already written a separate article with even more ways to keep your house warm this winter. Make sure to check it out here and combine the ideas found in these two articles to keep your body temp up this season.

 The Importance Of Heating One Room

The fact is unless your home already comes with a home-heating system or an electrical power generator these options aren’t going to work out for you.

Not to mention the above options can be extremely pricey both in the short-term and in the long-run, since firewood and gas are NOT free resources.

In most cases, even if your home has a fireplace, it’ll likely only produce enough heat for one room. Same with generators (unless you’re made of money and dropped enough cash on one that’ll heat the entire house). And even if the latter is true, if it’s a long-term emergency you’ll likely run out of generator fuel long before the crisis is over.

However, little do you know that you really only need to heat one room when the power goes out.

For one, heating a single room takes a lot less fuel – which means the fuel you have will last longer in an emergency.

Second, everyone in the home can curl up in the same room where the heat source is – and the combined body heat will warm up the room faster.

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Plus, if you all have enough blankets, coats, sweaters, gloves, etc. to keep everyone’s body temperature up, you’re going to have A MUCH easier time staying warm. And, if you lay blankets/bed sheets/comforters on the floor, this extra insulation can help heat the room, too.

And, whether you choose to share beds or drag sofas/mattresses into the room, the combined body heat from everyone in such a small space will help keep the family toasty at night.

Advocating For The “Coldest” Room In The House

Here’s an additional tip. Many people think the “coldest” room in the home is the basement. After all, it stays cool during the hot summers and can even be used as a storage area for root vegetables.

However, basements have a lot of insulation that actually keep the room warmer than the rest of the house during the winter. And this can be a smart choice to make when you’re choosing which room in the house to set up camp in.

Pro Tip: If you’re using a fireplace, make sure to properly ventilate it. Also, check to make sure there’s nothing flammable near it. And finally, trade off shifts where 1-2 people stay up to stoke the fire and keep it lit.

Heating Options To Be Wary Of

Not all heat sources are created equal. And this is especially important to be aware of in an emergency situation.

These heat sources include:

Coleman Pack Heaters & Alcohol Fuel Heaters

These heaters are tempting to use, especially in freezing temperatures. However, these can quickly produce dangerous amounts of combustion products – especially when placed in small rooms/spaces.

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Flower Pot Heaters

These might initially seem like great ideas. However, it’s very easy for flower pot heaters to set fire to other things (like your home). For instance, the pot can ignite due to excess wax buildup. Not to mention, if you set this heater on a table, the varnish on the table can ignite and go up in flames.

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Sleeping In A Tent

If you want to get really cozy with those you love, sleeping in a tent together is often the best option for staying warm. You can even set up the tent inside the home, in the warmest room. Bring in your sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, etc. You’re practically guaranteed to be warmer inside the tent than out of it!

Emergency Blankets & Sub-Zero Sleeping Bags

These are excellent for helping you stay warm, whether you’re in a tent or not. And they’re a must-have for winter emergencies.

Not to mention, emergency blankets are made of mylar, which reflect 90% of your body heat back to you. These blankets are genuinely lifesaving, and are used by preppers and emergency teams alike to help people stay alive.

Pro Tip #1: Combine these options and line your tent with emergency blankets. This will make the tent extra toasty.

Prop Tip #2: You can also form your emergency blanket into the shape of a sleeping bag. This is extra handy if you don’t have the cash to spend on a high-quality sleeping bag.

Pro Tip #3: If you REALLY want to be warm (and possibly sweating) throw a couple emergency blankets on top of your existing sleeping bag or blankets.

Stormproof Matches

Stormproof Matches really are some of the most useful survival tools you can have – whether you’re bugging in or bugging out. After all, they’re completely waterproof. And, as you’ll see in this video, they’ll stay lit even if you dunk them in water.

These matches are also 100% windproof and will retain their flame in the midst of 100 mph winds.

Not to mention, since each match burns for up to 20 seconds at a time you can light nearly anything you need to stay warm this winter.

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Remember – the more you Prepare Now, the more likely you’ll Survive Later!