Embarrassing Survival Supplies You’re Better Off Bringing

Most preppers have all the “essential” survival supplies on-hand. I’m talking about things like food, water, a knife, and some paracord. These are pretty standard items that no prepper should ever have to do without.

However, there are a few survival supplies that many people just don’t want to think about. That’s probably because these supplies are a bit embarrassing to discuss. Not to mention there’s the worry of what people will think if they see you buying them.

However, although they may be a little embarrassing, these survival items can most definitely help you survive in a crisis. That’s because they each have a lot of survival uses most people wouldn’t expect. And the fact is people aren’t going to care about what you’re using in a survival situation. They’re only going to care that you’re able to stay alive, at all costs.

Trust me. You’re much better off having these survival supplies with you in a crisis – no matter how many snickers you get purchasing them.

Embarrassing Survival Supplies You’re Better Off Bringing

Preparation H

Preparation H is one of those medications you don’t want to brag about having to your friends. In fact, it’s one of those products you hide under the groceries in your cart at the store.

However, despite the embarrassment surrounding this product, there’s a ton of good it can do in a SHTF event. The most obvious one is treating hemorrhoids. And, even if nobody wants to talk about it, this extremely painful condition can be soothed much faster with the help of this cream.

But it gets better. Thanks to its active ingredient, phenylephrine, preparation H can also help heal bug bites, reduce pain from rashes, and ease chafing. Simply place the cream on these affected areas, and you’re sure to experience nearly instant relief.


Yes, condoms have a very obvious use, and are very important for that reason. However, there’s so much more to condoms than meets the eye.

Thanks to a condom’s stretchy and waterproof material, this makes it an easy storage space to hold survival tools (like matches). These will stay nice and dry – even in a rainstorm. Plus, since the latex is so durable, it’s unlikely to rip or tear.

Some other surprising survival uses for condoms include: holding water, kindling, an elastic band for a slingshot, a glove, a tourniquet, and a fishing bobber. You can even wrap the condom around the muzzle of your firearm. This will help when you’re crossing over streams or through muddy areas.


Tampons may be the more popular “feminine product” on the market. However, these are pretty badass in survival situations. For example, since these are so absorbent, they’re ideal for wound care. Simply unwrap them and place them on the wound, and they’ll help prevent you from bleeding out. You can even use a tampon to help stop a nosebleed.

Tampons are unique thanks to their size and shape. Because of this, you can use them to make an emergency candle. Simply place the cotton base into a container, and fill it with oil. Stick the string through the top, and light the string.

You can also dip the cotton of the tampon in petroleum jelly and use it for kindling. Meanwhile, keep the string and use it to help tie up a tarp or tent for shelter.

Don’t be deceived by their embarrassing following – these survival supplies will help you greatly in a crisis! Prepare Now and Survive Later by stocking up on these today!


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