Electric Grid Strain: This State Just BANNED Gas Stoves!

Electric Grid Strain: This State Just BANNED Gas Stoves!

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – On Tuesday, New York State became the first state in the country to outlaw the use of natural gas and other fossil fuels in new construction, requiring a switch to electricity and renewable energy sources as the state’s power infrastructure becomes overloaded.

According to The Washington Post:

“New York has become the first state in the nation to pass a law banning natural gas and other fossil fuels in most new buildings, a move that could inspire other states and further erode the residential future of the gas industry.

The law effectively requires all-electric heating and cooking in new buildings shorter than seven stories by 2026 and 2029 for taller buildings. And although it allows exemptions for manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hospitals, and even carwashes, the measure does not do what some climate activists had feared: give cities and counties licenses to override the ban.

The ban also extends to heating oil and propane, raising questions about the future of these fuels in New York state’s more rural communities.”

According to the Post, 46% of New York’s energy supply comes from natural gas. Consumers in New York are already paying higher prices, partly because the electrical system is undersized.

According to experts, renewable energy projects are insufficient to replace fossil fuels being phased out.

A gas prohibition would also be problematic legally. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit overturned a Berkeley, California prohibition last month because the federal energy authority supersedes state and municipal governments.

It will be interesting to learn how this will affect consumers in the long run.

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