12 DIY Security Methods To Protect Your Home When SHTF

DIY security

There are tons of simple, DIY security methods to protect your home when SHTF. And the good news is these are things you can easily do on your own.

Home security systems are great – but they can be insanely expensive. Not to mention, if there’s a system failure (or the burglar knows how to deactivate it), well, you’re at a loss.

Thankfully there are ways to protect your home for WAY less money. And these solutions can help keep thieves away so that your family and your stuff stay safe from harm.

Here are…

12 DIY Security Methods To Protect Your Home When SHTF

1 – Be Coy With Your Keys

Many of us think we’re being sneaky when we hide the key under the doormat, under the flowerpot, etc. Unfortunately, burglars have caught on and check these places, too. Instead, hide the key about 50 ft away from your home in an inconspicuous place. You can also use a small key vault with a code key (like the ones real estate agents use).

2 – Use Plant Protection

Be intentional with your garden by planting threatening plants around common points of entry, such as under windows. These include thistles, rose bushes, blackberry vines, and holly. These plants have thorns that will help make thieves think twice before attempting to break in.

3 – Invest In A Canine

Getting a big dog (or any dog with a big, intimidating bark) may be helpful when keeping intruders away. Plus if they try to get in while you’re asleep, that bark will wake you up, and get you ready to protect yourself.

4 – Track Their Movements

Motion sensors are a great way to help stop thieves in their tracks. Plus they can surprise intruders by flooding them with light if they try to break in at nighttime. Make sure to put these around areas that thieves might break into, such as doors (including front, side and back doors) and windows.

5 – Make Your Door Stronger

This sounds like a lot of work – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways to help strengthen your door from incoming burglars:

  • Use multiple locks at varying heights (have two at the same height)
  • Install long-throw deadbolts
  • Use fortified strike plates to stop them from entering
  • Replace your door frame with one made out of metal
  • Keep the door more secure by drilling long wood screws into the frame
  • Get a steel core door instead of a wooden one
  • Make sure all windows don’t have exposed locks
6 – Communicate With Your Post Office

Going out of town? Call the post office to hold all mail and packages. Also, call the people who deliver your newspaper. This will help keep burglars clueless as to when you’re home, and when you’re not.

7 – Keep The Blinds Closed

Keep the blinds closed and your valuables hidden as much as possible while you’re home and when you’re away. This will help keep burglars from knowing what you’ve got, and attempting to steal it.

8 – Take Advantage Of Inside Locks

Whether you’ve got survival preps, ammo, guns, or expensive jewelry it’s important to keep them locked away for safe keeping. Keep these valuables locked away when you’re not using them to help prevent access.

9 – Keep Your Windows & Glass Doors Secure

Sliding glass doors and windows are extremely common break-in points. For doors, they’re relatively easy to remove them from their tracks. For windows, they can be easily forced open.

Prevent sliding doors from being broken into by placing a charlie bar or metal/wood rod into the track. This will help prevent the doors from being forced open.

For windows, you can put screws in the track to prevent break-ins. You can also add more locks, or put steel bars on the windows (must unlock from the inside) to help keep them secure.

10 – Get To Know Your Neighbors

People knowing their neighbors is pretty rare nowadays. However, these people can be some of the biggest assets into helping you keep an eye out on your house.

Trustworthy neighbors can help by collecting mail/newspapers, taking out the trash, taking care of the pets, and more while you’re away. Plus, they’re likely to notice if something fishy is going on.

You don’t have to be their best friend – but building a friendship with a trustworthy neighbor can go a long way into helping you protect your home.

11 – Keep Your Keys and Address Separate

Some people have attached an address tag to their keys in case they become lost. It’s shocking that some people do this  – especially since this can be an invitation for anyone to just waltz in and take your belongings.

Keep backup keys and remove all identifying information from all keys. That way you have a spare, and the person with the key won’t know where to find your house.

12 – Take Advantage Of Cameras

Cameras are excellent tools for catching criminals in the act. And when they’re gone, you can always look at the footage to show the cops. Not to mention, if a thief sees your house as a camera, this will likely deter them from even attempting to break in.

CCTV setups are affordable, simple to use, and provide high-quality video. Fake cameras won’t be as expensive, but you won’t be able to get the footage for later.