Democrats Weaponize Drag Queens to Mobilize and Rally 2024 Voters

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – Turning Point USA contributor and reporter Drew Hernandez publicly shared a video of n all-ages drag event in Tempe, Arizona, that appeared to transform into a political rally.

For Arizona’s approaching elections, Democrats worked with a female impersonator at a public “Pride Party” to mobilize far-left progressive voters.

According to Richard Stevens, who goes by the “drag queen” stage name Barbra Seville, “it’s not too late to register for the next election and turn the tide” against the GOP. He went on:

“It’s insane. It’s insane. Over 500 laws [to curb transgenderism] have been introduced across the country … If we could just elect one more person with views and opinions and commitments to us as some other people do, we can call the shots, and we can protect LGBTQU.

We can protect trans people, we can protect people of color, we can make housing a priority, and we can tackle things like guns in schools. But we can’t do it unless you all get involved and registered to vote.”

He was upset with the roughly 20 Republican state lawmakers who had passed numerous child protection laws over the previous year.

These extremely well-liked rules save kids from transgenderists, shelter them from opposite-sex cheaters in sports, and insulate them from the terrible and irreversible surgical procedures promoted by transgender groups with Democrat ties.

The rising number of gays and lesbians who are denouncing the pro-transgender evangelism of K–12 students, however, is helping the centrist backlash against the far-left Democrats.

In addition to the lesbian vice-mayor of Tempe, Jennifer Adams, the Democrats’ political gathering in Tempe, Arizona, featured a rapper who sang sexy songs. She uttered:

“Don’t get mad, get elected! … The city of Tempe has gotten a perfect rating score from [pro-transgender] HRC [Human Rights Campaign group] for the last 10 years.

Perfect! 100 percent! We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and it’s proven every single year when we get that 100 percent award.”

The HRC grades businesses to determine which ones employ HR personnel to enforce their agenda on their workforces.

Despite being advertised as an “all ages” event, the invited entertainment reflected the political agenda.

You can view the performer’s work here:

But in comparison to a recent procession in West Hollywood, the Tempe event was small.

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