Democrat SPIN: Hunter Sold Business Partners ‘Illusion of Access’ to Joe Biden

Democrat SPIN: Hunter Sold Business Partners 'Illusion of Access’ to Joe Biden

( – Democrats cited Monday’s congressional testimony from Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s closest business associate, and asserted that Hunter Biden sold his business partners an “illusion of access” to then-Vice President Joe Biden on more than 20 phone calls.

Hunter Biden put Joe Biden on speakerphone more than 20 times.

Still, according to Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) and someone familiar with the evidence, Joe Biden was not involved in Hunter Biden’s business activities.

According to Democrats and the mainstream media, Hunter Biden allegedly gave his overseas business associates an “illusion of access” to Joe Biden.

Goldman added the following to his analysis of Archer’s testimony:

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Biden’s, refuted Goldman’s assertions.

“Hunter and Jim and I are there, and Hunter gets up and talks to his father when he comes in,” Bobulinski told the New York Post.

He then brings Joe over and introduces me, saying he’s the one who’s helping us with the business we’re doing with the Chinese,” he added.

Republicans said Joe Biden’s participation was far more than an “illusion.”

More than 20 phone calls, in their opinion, demonstrate that the Biden family sold their “brand,” to borrow the term Archer used in his testimony.

James Comer (R-KY), chair of the House Oversight Committee, stated in a statement that Joe Biden was “the brand” that his son promoted and sold throughout the world to benefit the Biden family.”

Over 20 times, Joe Biden participated in Hunter Biden’s meals with his international business acquaintances in person or over the phone while he served as vice president of the United States.

According to reports, Archer’s testimony led to evidence linking Joe Biden to a bribery scheme in which a foreign corporation paid Hunter Biden in exchange for using the Biden “brand.”

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