Crime Runs Rampant in Democrat Cities: Mob Ransacks Nordstrom (VIDEO)

Crime Runs Rampant in Democrat Cities: Mob Ransacks Nordstrom (VIDEO)

( – On Saturday afternoon, a horde of looters trashed a Nordstrom store at the Westfield Topanga shopping center in the San Fernando Valley, causing Mayor Karen Bass to decry the mayhem.

According to local news station KTLA:

“Police said anywhere between 20-50 suspects are believed to be involved, although the exact number has not been confirmed. The thieves were seen violently grabbing whatever merchandise they could carry, with many seen ripping the security devices attached to designer purses and luggage items.

Store shelves and display racks were destroyed, knocked over, and littered across the floor, along with a ton of fallen merchandise.

At one point, a security guard who tried to intervene was attacked with a chemical spray, police said. It’s unclear what that person’s condition is.”

On Saturday night, Mayor Bass issued the following statement:

“What happened today at the Nordstrom in the Topanga Mall is absolutely unacceptable. Those who committed these acts and acts like it in neighboring areas must be held accountable.

The Los Angeles Police Department will continue to work to not only find those responsible for this incident but to prevent these attacks on retailers from happening in the future.”

Just a few years after then-Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged to cut more than 10% of the police budget.

After the Black Lives Matter riots that shook the city, Bass has committed to recruiting additional cops.

Since the riots, mass looting has become a common occurrence.

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