CONFIRMED! Americans Who Flew to DC Around Jan. 6 are Being Secretly Watched!

CONFIRMED! Americans Who Flew to DC Around Jan. 6 are Being Secretly Watched!

( – The leader of the union representing U.S. Air Marshals has just revealed shocking information on the extent to which Democratic President Joe Biden’s federal government will go to persecute any American who is even remotely connected to the events that took place in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021.

Director of the Air Marshals National Council and union boss Sonya Labosco has acknowledged that the government is secretly keeping tabs on every individual who took a plane to the Washington, D.C., region on or around January 6, 2021.

According to Labosco, Air Marshals are no longer pursuing criminals or terrorists.

She disclosed that operatives are now concentrating on advancing the anti-Trump January 6 agenda of the Democrats.

Even if they did not visit the U.S. Capitol, Labosco said that agents are currently occupied with tracking and stalking each and every individual who took a plane into the nation’s capital.

“We’re not flying right now,” Labosco said.

“The only missions that we are doing are ‘Quiet Skies’ missions, and those are missions that are following the January 2021 people.”

“So we’re either on the border for illegal immigrants, or we’re following folks from January 2021.”

“We’re not doing our regular missions where we’re out there looking for the bad guys, so for now, on most flights, you’re not gonna have Air Marshalls.”

The statement astounded Fox News anchor Carley Shimkus, who questioned Labosco:

“What do you mean that you’re following January 2021 people?

“What does that mean?”

According to Labosco, their main goal was to pursue every individual who took a plane to Washington, D.C., on the day of the protests on January 6.

She disclosed that it makes no difference if they visited the Capitol or faced criminal charges.

Labosco clarified:

“That means our primary mission is a little group called ‘quiet skies’ – it’s a mission called quiet skies that we’re following people that flew into the national capital region in January 2021 and they did not have to go to the Capitol or the rally and you’ve been put on a specific list that TSA has now assigned Air Marshals to follow these people who have not had any type of criminal investigation – they haven’t committed a crime, but yet three years later we are following the same individuals day in and day out.”

The anchor of Fox News was shocked to learn that Air Marshals have been pursuing the same innocent individuals for three years despite their lack of criminal history, according to Labosco.

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