6 Reasons Why Coca-Cola Is Great For Survival


Coca-Cola is far and away one of the most popular soda brands – and has been so since its creation. In fact, it’s the most top-selling soft drink in history. The bubbling, sweet taste of this refreshing beverage is classic, and is well-known to most people around the world.

However, what most preppers don’t realize is that they can actually use this popular soft drink effectively in a survival situation. And it’s good for a WHOLE lot more than just for drinking (although it’s great for that, too).

Once you read this article, you’re going to want to start adding Coca-Cola to your bug out bag ASAP!

6 Reasons Why Coca-Cola Is Great For Survival

Although Coca-Cola has lots of different types (Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, etc.) you’ll want to stay on the safe side and plan on using the classic Coca-Cola for each of these uses.

1 – DIY Defroster

One of Coke’s main ingredients is phosphoric acid – this is an extremely acidic substance (even more acidic than vinegar and lemon juice). As such, you can use it to your advantage in a survival situation.

Phosphoric acid naturally cuts through ice that’s been built-up (say, on a car windshield or on sidewalks), and so you can simply pour the Coke straight onto the ice to get it melting faster. Once the soda has been resting on the ice for about half a minute, simply wipe it off with a clean rag.

2 – Remove The Rust

Rust is just a pain in the butt – both in regular life and in an SHTF situation. Whether it’s on your bug out vehicle, on your survival knife, or on your favorite tools, it’s just plain annoying (not to mention corrosive and  incredibly damaging).

Luckily, you can clear the rust away with Coca-Cola – and it’s all thanks to the soft drink’s powerful phosphoric acid. If the item has just a little rust, you can simply pour the Coke onto the rust spots, and then wipe if off about a minute later. However, for heavy rust, you’ll do better soaking the area in a container of Coke (you may need to stir the item frequently to ensure full coverage).

And, once you’re done, you can save the soda in an airtight container and use it again for the same purpose later on. Brilliant.

3 – Take Out Blood Stains

SHTF situations bring out the worst in people. And, if you’re defending yourself from an attacker, you might end up with blood on your clothes that you need to rinse out.

As soon as possible, you’ll want to remove the clothing that has stains on it, and pour Coke directly onto the blood. Make sure to do this while the blood is still fresh, and before it sets into the fabric.

This is quite effective – so effective, in fact, that paramedics have a history of using Coca-Cola to rinse blood off streets and sidewalks after a murder.

4 – DIY Topical Pain Reliever

Stings from bees, mosquitos, and jellyfish can hurt like hell. Luckily, the contents inside of a Coca-Cola can will help reduce the pain. Pour a bit of the soft drink onto the area, and then dab at it lately to soak up the excess. Doing this will help ease the discomfort.

5 – Remove Stubborn Oil

If oil sticks stubbornly to surfaces, it can mean trouble in a survival situation. That’s because the oil can cause you to slip and fall if it’s stuck to the ground. Plus, if the oil transfers to other survival tools, it can make them virtually useless almost instantly.

Coca-Cola is a powerful cleaning agent for cleaning up oil spills. So much so, in fact, that some people even pour Coke under the hood of their car to clean out their engine.

To take off the oil, simply pour Coke directly onto the oil and then wipe it up with towels. Or, if the oil is on an electrical device, turn the device off, pour the Coke onto a towel, and then dab at the oil spots from there with the Coke-soaked towel. Take care not to drip the liquid onto any sensitive areas.

6 – DIY Pesticide

In India, many farmers have taken to using Coca-Cola as a DIY pesticide and pest control. That’s because the soft drink’s incredibly high amount of sugar can make it exceptionally effective in getting rid of pests. Of course, the Coca-Cola company has been denying that their product works as a pesticide for years (I’ll let you be the judge of that). However, you might as well try this technique in your survival garden and see for yourself!

**BONUS: Coke Can Uses**

We’ve been talking so much about all the uses for the Coca-Cola liquid, that we haven’t even began talking about all the ways you can use the can in an SHTF situation! Watch this informational video to learn all about how to use that Coke can in an emergency.

**BONUS: Coke Bottle Uses**

Did you buy Coke bottles instead of Coke cans? Or, did you find some glass bottles along the road/trail while you were bugging out? Lucky you – as it turns out, these are much more efficient for boiling water than plastic bottles. Find out why in the short video below: