Climate Activists Meet Their Match with Tribal Cops

Climate Activists Meet Their Match with Tribal Cops

(ConcernedPatriot) – Nevada Tribal Rangers broke up a climate change demonstration over the weekend, resulting in miles-long traffic congestion obstructing access to the yearly Burning Man festival.

Sunday’s video showed the Nevada Tribal Rangers successfully dispersing the protest by busting through the roadblock with a truck.

According to reports, the protesters caused a stoppage of about 150 vehicles on the only road leading to Burning Man.

The anti-capitalist climate change demonstrators carried signs that read “Abolish Capitalism” and “General Strike for Climate.” According to reports, some demonstrators attached themselves to the trailer, obstructing traffic.

Video showed the Tribal Rangers driving a truck through the barricade and getting out to make arrests.

“We are not violent! Please… we have no weapons at all, we are environmental protesters,” a woman yelled as police detained one protester.

The Rangers arrested the protesters for “trespassing on tribal land.”

The protest that halted traffic was organized by the activist group Seven Circles, based in New York.

According to SF Gate:

“Seven Circles said the purpose of the protest was “to draw attention to capitalism’s inability to address climate and ecological breakdown” and included three demands, including banning the use of private jets and single-use plastics at Burning Man and for the organization’s leaders to “admit that infinite growth is incompatible with sustaining the Earth’s systems.”

The Burning Man event has been called a “networking event” for Big Tech billionaires. It takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

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