7+ Ways To Use Chapstick For Survival

chapstick for survival

There’s a surprising number of survival uses for chapstick. And most of them have nothing to do with keeping your lips from getting rough.

This little tube can really do wonders for you in a survival situation. And the more you know what to do with it, the better you can prepare for what’s to come.

You’ll want to stock up on these little tubes once you read all about these…

Stop The Rust

Want to prevent rust from building up on your car, survival tools, hunting knife and more? Chapstick can help protect these items from moisture accumulation in an emergency.Simply lather chapstick all over these items to help protect them from rust.

Survival Storage

Got compact survival tools you don’t want to lose? Things like Q-tips, vitamins, medicinal pills, matches, fishing supplies and more can all be stored in an empty tube of chapstick for safe keeping. Not only will they be safe and secure, but they’ll also be protected from the wind and rain!

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Light My Fire

Cut a Q-tip in half and then rub the tip of it with chapstick (don’t be shy – get a good amount on there). Then pop the top off a fresh chapstick tube and stick the end of the Q-tip right into the middle so it stays in place. Light the Q-tip on fire and you’ve got a portable light to help you see in the darkness.

Protect Cuts

Got a minor cut? You can rub chapstick directly onto it to help protect it from dirt and bacteria. This can also help speed up healing time!

See Through The Steam/Fog

Anyone who wears glasses will tell you how annoying it is when they open the dishwasher or oven after they’ve been running. The steam that comes out immediately fogs up their glasses, making it almost impossible to see. And, of course, the same can be true while walking through a foggy or misty area.

Thankfully, chapstick can come to the rescue. Simply rub a bit onto the inside and outside of your lenses, and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. This will help protect the lenses and keep them from getting cloudy.

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Protect Your Cash

Cash is essential for emergencies (assuming it still has value). However, you don’t want to lose it or risk getting pickpocketed.

Thankfully, you can empty out a tube of chapstick and simply slip the rolled up bills inside. That way you can carry your cash with confidence – and nobody will suspect a thing.

Prevent Frostbite

Frostbite is a real killer in a winter emergency. Thankfully, you can protect your lips, hands, feet and more with the help of chapstick. Simply rub it all over exposed skin and it will help protect you from the elements.

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