Caught On Tape: Arizona GOP Head Tries to Bribe Kari Lake


Jeff DeWit, the chair of the Arizona Republican Party, has decided to step down from his position amidst a controversy surrounding leaked audio that suggests efforts to influence Kari Lake. DeWit acknowledges the audio but contends that it has been selectively edited.

The audio reveals a conversation where DeWit suggests a pause in Lake’s political ambitions, alluding to opposition from powerful figures. DeWit’s resignation comes in response to an ultimatum from Lake’s team threatening to release more recordings. While expressing displeasure at Lake for recording the private conversation, DeWit did not dispute the specifics of the implied bribes and veiled threats in the audio.

In his statement, DeWit maintains transparency and denies any coercion, although the audio contradicts his claim that the conversation “never happened.” He chose to resign, hoping Lake would cease attacks, citing an undisclosed, potentially damaging recording as the reason.

DeWit accuses Lake of orchestrating a setup to control the state party but does not provide details on how he was misled. Despite regretting some statements in the audio, he maintains his belief that Lake set him up.

The leaked conversation centers around DeWit asking Lake what it would take to pause her political ambitions. Lake, citing a threat on her life, discusses powerful individuals opposing her due to her independence. DeWit implies a bribe from these individuals, leading to Lake’s refusal, emphasizing her commitment to the country over financial considerations.

Lake previously discussed the attempted bribe on a Sirius XM show, revealing an offer to halt her movement and political career. She rejected the proposal, reaffirming her determination to continue in politics.