California To Levy Heavy Fines On Stores Not Selling “Gender Neutral” Toys


In the Golden State, we’re witnessing a troubling overstep into the affairs of businesses and an assault on traditional values as major retailers face an intrusive ultimatum.

A highly contentious state law, poised to come into effect in the imminent year, is mandating the establishment of so-called “gender-neutral toy sections” for children. Compliance with this mandate is being strong-armed under the looming threat of substantial fines.

Governor Gavin Newsom, in an act of massive governmental overreach in the name of Cultural Marxist gender ideology, signed this directive into law in 2021. The broad scope of this mandate applies to California-based department stores with 500 or more employees selling “childcare items or toys.”

These businesses are now compelled to abandon longstanding marketing practices that categorize toys based on biological sex, forcing a far-left so-called “gender-neutral” paradigm onto the marketplace. The law’s definition of “childcare items” is deliberately expansive, encompassing everything from products facilitating sleep, feeding, and relaxation to those assisting with teething or sucking, targeting children aged 12 and under.

Hefty Fines For Defending Traditional Gender Values

Stores resisting this overbearing interference are at risk of facing penalties, starting at a hefty $250 for the initial violation and escalating to a staggering $500 for repeat offenses. It’s crucial to underscore that the law conveniently sidesteps any prohibition on traditional boys and girls sections, allowing the government to dictate the dynamics of retail.

Assemblyman Evan Low, the driving force behind this regulatory intrusion, draws questionable parallels with similar laws supposedly aimed at promoting “gender equity.” His argument against categorizing children’s toys by gender dismisses the natural diversity of interests and preferences that boys and girls often exhibit from an early age.

Similar legislation in 2019 and 2020 faced justified rejection, signaling a lack of popular support for such heavy-handed interference in the private sector. Critics rightly highlight that children, even as young as three, naturally discern their preferences, rendering these regulations unnecessary.

Patriotic Americans can easily see through the veneer of virtue, viewing this legislation as nothing short of government overreach, a blatant attempt to strong-arm companies into conforming to government-enforced messages about gender.

This move toward imposing gender-neutral toy sections is a serious infringement on the cherished principle of free speech and a direct assault on the autonomy of businesses to operate according to market dynamics. This law represents not only an unwarranted intrusion into private business operations but also an imposition of a particular ideological agenda on retailers and, by extension, on consumers who should be free to make choices based on their values and preferences.