Border Invasion Overwhelms Texas Checkpoint


In an alarming development for patriotic conservatives, the relentless influx of illegal migrant invaders into Texas’ border sector is not only straining national resources but also jeopardizing fundamental elements of national security. In fact, the crisis has become so extreme that border control agents are becoming overwhelmed to the point of having to shut down.  

Case in point: The Del Rio Border Patrol Sector, the second busiest crossing point along our Southern border, finds itself grappling with an overwhelming surge causing the suspension of crucial highway checkpoints. This suspension, part of the agency’s border security strategy, comes as Border Patrol agents are diverted from their primary duties to manage the overwhelming numbers, highlighting the urgent need for a comprehensive and robust approach to immigration control.

The number of illegal migrant invaders is well in excess of capacity, with over 5,000 in areas designed for fewer than 2,000. As usual, the impact of this is not just felt by the border patrol agents, but by the communities which neighbor them. It’s impacting the very fabric of daily life for citizens on the border who rely on these ports of entry for legal cross-border activities such as tourism, shopping, and employment. 

Highway checkpoints are essential for stopping illegal border crossings but also the human smuggling and drug trafficking that are both so intimately connected with them. The closure of this border checkpoint creates further danger for local communities near the border as they are increasingly vulnerable to unchecked passage across unsecured entry points.

The lack of decisive action at the federal level becomes glaringly evident as the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas chooses to prioritize visits to locations far removed from the epicenter of the crisis. In the face of an “immigration disaster” in Eagle Pass, Texas, Mayor Rolando Salinas has been forthright in expressing his frustration with the federal response. Leaders need to acknowledge the magnitude of the situation and implement policies prioritizing the safety and well-being of American citizens over political posturing.

The daily tally of approximately 2,000 migrant crossings in the Del Rio Sector underscores the urgent need for policies that preserve national sovereignty and protect American communities. With Venezuelans, Hondurans, and Colombians constituting the majority of encounters, the situation demands a clear and unequivocal stance on immigration. Now is the time for unapologetic leadership that upholds the rule of law, secures our borders, and safeguards the interests of American citizens against the adverse consequences of an unchecked migrant surge.