Bombshell About Kerry’s Tenure as Sec. of State

In a stunning and deeply troubling revelation, whistleblowers have informed Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) that former Secretary of State John Kerry used a pseudonymous government email address while serving as the nation’s top diplomat during the Obama administration. This brazen violation of protocol raises profound national security concerns and lays bare a staggering hypocrisy, especially in light of the aggressive, unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s home over document handling.

Fox News Digital obtained a letter from Grassley and Johnson addressed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, demanding immediate and comprehensive answers on whether Kerry properly complied with federal records law. The whistleblowers revealed that Kerry used the email address “SESTravel1@state.gov” in his official capacity. This egregious breach of protocol during a critical period of U.S. diplomacy is nothing short of scandalous.

The revelation of Kerry’s actions is not an isolated incident but part of a disturbing pattern within the Obama administration of flouting federal records laws. This is reminiscent of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s notorious use of a non-government server for official business—a practice that jeopardized national security and eroded public trust. Grassley and Johnson have been raising alarms about such violations since 2015, yet the Democratic establishment continues to operate with apparent impunity.

Adding further outrage, it has come to light that President Biden, while serving as vice president, also used a non-government email for official business and pseudonymous emails. This casts a long shadow of doubt on the administration’s respect for federal records laws and transparency. Despite these serious breaches, the Biden administration has consistently failed to address these violations, displaying a disturbing double standard compared to the relentless pursuit of Trump over document handling.

The whistleblowers’ accounts also suggest that Kerry and his State Department actively interfered with FBI efforts to arrest individuals in the United States who were allegedly supporting Iran’s nuclear ambitions. This interference, driven by Kerry’s obsessive determination to secure the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal, represents a severe threat to national security. The notion that a top U.S. official could undermine law enforcement to placate a hostile foreign power is both shocking and unacceptable.

Grassley and Johnson are now demanding answers from Blinken about the use of the SESTravel1@state.gov email address, insisting on the release of all records associated with it. They are also questioning whether Kerry mishandled classified information in his communications with Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, after leaving office. These actions, if proven true, indicate a gross dereliction of duty and a potential betrayal of American interests.

The Democratic Party’s hypocrisy is glaringly evident. While they orchestrate a media circus around President Trump’s document handling, they turn a blind eye to their own transgressions that pose far greater risks to national security. This double standard is not only unjust but also dangerous, as it undermines the rule of law and erodes public trust in our institutions.

This situation underscores the urgent need for accountability and transparency. The American people deserve to know the truth about these potentially dangerous and hypocritical actions by top Democratic officials. It is imperative that those who have jeopardized our nation’s security face the full consequences of their actions.

The State Department has until July 1 to respond to these pressing questions. The stakes could not be higher, and the American people demand and deserve answers. We must ensure that our government officials are held to the highest standards of integrity and accountability, without exception.


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