15+ Ingenious Ways To Use Bobby Pins For Survival

bobby pins for survival

This may sound crazy… but there are TONS of ways you can use bobby pins for survival. And get this – most of them have nothing to do with keeping hair out of your face.

Most men don’t have much experience with bobby pins (unless we have daughters). However, once you discover all the ways you can use them for survival, you’ll likely find yourself loading up your bug-out bag with them.

You’ll be amazed at these…

15+ Ingenious Ways To Use Bobby Pins For Survival

Use Up The Toothpaste

Every last drop of toothpaste is going to be vital for helping you ward off mouth disease and bacteria. That’s why a bobby pin can be so useful for this task. Simply slip the pin around the bottom of the tube. Then as you squeeze, begin sliding the pin up the tube. This will push all the toothpaste to the top, and ensure nothing remains near the bottom.

Organize Your Cash

Keeping your bills safe and secure is of crucial importance in an emergency. Thankfully you can hold them together with a bobby pin. Women can also use his to their advantage by clipping the money-filled bobby pin to their bra for safe keeping.

Move The Zipper

Got a busted zipper head? If it pops off, no worries – you can simply slip a bobby pin through the base of the zipper. Then hold onto the pin as you slide the zipper up and down.

Salvage Electronics

Most electronics start acting up every once in a while. And one of the best ways to get them to calm down is to hit the Reset button. This tiny button often can’t be pressed with a fingertip – but can be easily accessed with the use of a bobby pin. 

Sew Much Help

Sewing a blanket, jacket, etc? Clip the bobby pin to the two pieces of fabric while you sew. This helps keep them together, and can make accurate machine-sewing and hand-stitching much easier.

Hem Your Pants

Pants too long? These can get dirty real fast and cause you to trip while you’re running. Thankfully hemming them is a breeze. Just fold up the bottoms and secure them with a bobby pin.

Unlock a Zip Tie

Zip ties are absolutely fantastic for survival. However, they’re an incredible pain to try to unlock. Thankfully all it takes is inserting a bobby pin into the lock in order to open it right up.

Keep Your Food Fresh

If you’ve got food bags you plan on reusing (such as bags for chips, rice, snacks, etc) keep them fresh by slipping a bobby pin over the top of the bag when you seal it. This will ensure the bag stays closed and the snacks don’t go stale (or worse – get bugs crawling all over them).

Remove The Pits

Choking on an olive pit or cherry pit can kill you in any kind of scenario. That’s why it’s important to remove them before consumption. You can do this by pushing the bobby pin into the fruit, with one side on either end of the pit. Then push down until the pin and the pit come out the other side.

Find Your Tape Seam

Done using the tap? Wrap the end of it around a bobby pin. This will ensure you don’t waste precious minutes trying to pick up where you left off.

Keep Out The Smells

Disgusting smells all around you? Keep them away by placing a bobby pin on top of your nostrils, closing them shut. (This may not work for all nose sizes, but it’s worth a try!).

Pick A Lock

Bobby pins aren’t just good for unlocking zip ties… they can also be useful for picking an array of locks.

Do with that information what you will.


If you’ve got the skills, you can use a bobby pin to short-circuit lots of different electronics. Keep in mind this will ruin the bobby pin, so stockpile a few for emergencies.

Avoid Flooding

Nobody likes having to call a plumber when the drain clogs – and when SHTF that likely won’t be an option. Luckily you can help prevent this issue with the help of a bobby pin. Put on gloves and use the pin to snag that disgusting wad of hair out of the drain. This will help keep your pipes clog-free.

Keep Important Documents Together

Documents like your passport, birth certificate, list of current/past meds, and more must never be lost. Thankfully you can keep them together by clipping a bobby pin around them.

BONUS – EVEN MORE Ways To Use Bobby Pins For Survival

Good news! We’ve got even more ways to use bobby pins for survival! Check out the videos below for more great survival tips.