BLM Turn Against Democrats, Endorse Trump for 2024

BLM Turn Against Democrats, Endorse Trump for 2024

( – A prominent member of Black Lives Matter (BLM) has declared his support for President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race.

Co-founder of BLM Rhode Island Mark Fisher accused Democrats of “racist policies” in a statement.

Fisher claims that the Democrats are “a racist party” that is hostile to the African-American population.

In a Tuesday interview on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” Fisher praised Trump and attacked the Democrats.

He explained why, in his opinion, many black voters are defecting from the Democratic Party as they consider their options for the 2024 presidential contest.

Black Americans’ support for Democratic President Joe Biden is declining, according to reports.

This month, a New York Times/Siena College poll revealed that black voters in battleground areas that President Biden won in 2020 were giving Trump an unusual amount of support, which alarmed Democrats.

Currently, 22% of black voters in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin support Trump.

The percentage has increased from 8% in 2020.

According to a May poll, just 41% of black people supported Biden’s bid for a second term.

Merely 55% expressed their likelihood to back him in the general election.

These numbers contrast sharply with those during his first few months in office when nine out of ten black voters thought he was doing a good job.

Black voters who are still supporting blue, according to Fisher, are “misinformed” and lack knowledge of Trump’s policies and their positive effects on the black community.

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