Biden’s Open Border Policies: A Recipe for Crime and Chaos in Sanctuary Cities


The detrimental impact of President Biden’s lenient immigration policies is glaringly evident as sanctuary cities and their suburbs reel from an unprecedented surge in criminal activities attributed to migrants released after illegally crossing the border between ports of entry. Law enforcement, particularly in areas like Chicago and New York City, is ringing the alarm bells, highlighting the disturbing connection between rising crime rates and the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border.

Oak Brook, a suburb of the sanctuary city of Chicago, is grappling with an alarming increase in criminal incidents involving migrants released by the Biden administration. Police Chief Brian Strokis disclosed six felony arrests in a single day and a staggering total of 49 migrant arrests since October 23. These incidents included an organized theft at a Macy’s store, where migrants from Chile and Venezuela allegedly used magnetic devices to remove anti-theft devices, pilfering over $10,000 worth of merchandise.

Despite the audacious nature of these crimes, Judge Joshua Dieden shockingly denied the State’s motion to detain the migrants without bond in both cases. Chief Strokis, expressing frustration, emphasized that the surge in migrant criminal activity is undeniably a result of the Biden administration’s misguided immigration policies, leaving local law enforcement to bear the brunt.

This concerning crime wave extends far beyond Oak Brook, with New York City facing its own set of challenges directly attributable to the Biden administration’s reckless immigration approach. A video posted by Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis captured a group of migrants brazenly assaulting two NYPD officers near Times Square. The video serves as a stark reminder of the Biden administration’s failure to prioritize the safety of American citizens, allowing migrants to act with impunity.

Reports indicate that migrants are increasingly turning to pickpocketing in New York City, exacerbating the burden on the NYPD. A frustrated NYPD officer highlighted the challenges faced by law enforcement, stating, “We have a hard enough time going after actual New Yorkers committing crime. Now we have to deal with a whole different subset of people who arrive here with no means of support, no legal means of working or opportunity.”

The consequences of Biden’s lax immigration policies are not isolated incidents. Data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reveals an alarming 11,000 percent increase in the arrest of Venezuelan migrants in Chicago since the border crisis began. FAIR’s report underscores the direct correlation between the surge in arrests, lax immigration policies, and the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border.

New York City, currently hosting over 67,000 migrants in hotels, stands as a glaring example of the chaos unleashed by the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies. The surge in criminal activities linked to released migrants is a stark reminder of the urgent need for a complete overhaul of these ill-conceived policies to prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens over political expediency.