Biden’s 2024 Presidential Master Plan To Beat ANY GOP Contenders Revealed

Biden's 2024 Presidential Master Plan To Beat ANY GOP Contenders Revealed

( – According to reports, President Joe Biden, who has not formally declared his candidacy for reelection, will rely on an “army of online influencers” for his reelection campaign.

These individuals may even have a “briefing room” inside the White House.

According to Axios, social media influencers will combat former President Donald Trump’s “huge social media following” if he is the nominee. They will also help “raise Biden’s standing among young voters who are vital to Democrats’ success in elections.”

According to the source, the president’s digital strategy team wants to engage with influencers nationwide to assist Biden in promoting his record to people who do not follow the Democratic Party, the White House, or Biden on social media.

There are reportedly four Biden digital employees working for the White House, not the Biden campaign, under the direction of Rob Flaherty, who has been named assistant to the president and will occupy the same position as press secretary.

Harry Sisson talks about news on the Chinese social media app TikTok, and Vivian Tu, who covers financial themes on the Chinese social media app, are two “unpaid and like-minded” content producers who collaborate with the White House.

According to a Tufts University Tisch College study, younger voters aged 18 to 29 favored Biden over the former president by 26 points during the last presidential election.

They preferred Democrats over Republicans by 28 points in the 2022 midterm elections.

“We’re trying to target young people, but also moms who use multiple platforms to get information, and climate activists, and individuals whose main means of obtaining information is digital,” said Jen O’Malley Dillon,” deputy chief of staff at the White House, to Axios.

Axios also mentioned that social media influencers might get access to their briefing room and the president in the future.

Attracting young voters is something Democrats have been able to do for many years successfully.

According to research by the Center for Information And Research On Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), President-elect Joe Biden won the youth vote by a 25-point margin, and more than a third of young voters (36%) supported President Trump.

Young people who voted for President Trump said the economy is the country’s most significant issue. In contrast, those who voted for Biden were likelier to say it was the coronavirus pandemic.

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