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State of the Union: Biden’s Threats have all the Bite of a Goldfish

Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech was supposed to discuss domestic policy. However, because of the present situations, the address turned into a speech about Ukraine, which is a more inspiring approach compared to just speaking about the economy and explaining warmed-over legislation.

It seems Biden had little choice in choosing what to speak about. Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has captured the attention of the entire world, and the U.S. president was not about to miss the opportunity following months of rallying the country’s Western allies against Russia’s attack, which he warned was inevitable.

Biden asks the United States to forget about his ineptitude just like he has Covid, BLM riots, defunding police and record high inflation.

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The downside to this is that some surveys indicate that around one-third of America doesn’t care all too much about what Ukrainians are going through right now. However, this is certainly a much better theme to a speech compared to just another appeal about a bill Biden is vouching for.

Talking about Ukraine didn’t eliminate that, however.

Biden did get a number of standing ovations on both sides of the aisle when he declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “isolated from the world” because of the latter’s “totally unprovoked” attack, Russia’s economy is “reeling,” while “we are united.” He also joined his allies in NATO in closing U.S. airspace to Russian planes, which is an announcement he seemingly saved for Tuesday night. He also gave a shout-out to the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markova. Overall, Biden’s threats have all the bite of a goldfish.

Following his rousing speech about the situation in Ukraine, he pivoted to his original address, which started with his dad in Scranton. At this point, the speech was as useless as a democrat congress, senate and President.

In this part of the speech, Biden boasted about making over 6 million jobs, which is the strongest growth rate in more than four decades. He, however, was heckled when he took a jab at former President Donald Trump’s tax cuts. He thanked some of his Republican friends for voting for the infrastructure laws and talked about what it would allegedly bring Americans in the future.

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Following this, Biden explained that his top priority was getting prices under control, and he plans on doing so by lowering deficit.

He would likely do this via what Democrats call investments on matters including energy conservation and child care. He failed to discuss his plans to increase taxes other than to say that the rich and corporations need to “pay their fair share” and that it won’t gravely affect people making less than $400,000 a year. Another amnesia moment for Sleepy Joe. This is the same rhetoric that he’s used for years even though he did nothing as Vice President or a congressmen.

After this, he enumerated his “laundry list,” including raising the minimum wage, COVID response, cutting the prices of prescription drugs, among others.

When talking about COVID, the president said that Americans were already “tired, frustrated, and exhausted,” adding that the country is now going “ back to more normal routines.” He also took note of the CDC’s updated mask guidance, even though it came several weeks after almost all states have eased their masking requirements.

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He also discussed a wide array of issues, from crime to the voting rights bill, all pushing the interests of many Democrats. As things are falling apart in liberal ran cities who supported defunding the police, Biden completely reverses his the very agenda that got him elected.

He did, however, earn bipartisan applause when saying “our kids need to be in schools.”

While it was a slog and a workmanlike speech, it would likely change very little as the era of partisan gridlock continues.

Biden talks about every subject that nobody cares about.


Celebrating Trump’s Legacy: A Compelling Case for Mount Rushmore Recognition


Mount Rushmore, a symbol of American greatness, stands poised to welcome a new addition that reflects the transformative leadership of our time. As discussions about expanding this iconic monument continue, there is an indisputable case for adding Donald Trump to Mount Rushmore. 

Trump’s presidency was marked by unparalleled economic success, groundbreaking foreign policy achievements, and an unwavering commitment to prioritizing America’s interests. Recognizing his monumental legacy on this historic site is a tribute to a leader who reshaped the nation for the better.

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Donald Trump: A Legacy of Economic Triumph

Donald Trump’s economic prowess is nothing short of an extraordinary achievement that made America great again. Before the unexpected challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, his administration orchestrated a period of unprecedented economic growth. Record-low unemployment rates, flourishing businesses, and a booming stock market underscore Trump’s dedication to fostering prosperity. Adding Trump to Mount Rushmore would immortalize a president who prioritized economic well-being and job creation for the American people.

Trump’s Diplomatic Brilliance

Trump’s administration achieved historic diplomatic breakthroughs, most notably with the groundbreaking Abraham Accords. These accords reshaped the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, fostering peace and stability in a region marred by conflict and boldly supporting the State of Israel. Trump’s visionary approach to foreign policy deserves acknowledgment on Mount Rushmore, symbolizing a commitment to fostering global harmony through innovative diplomacy.

A Strong Conservative Judicial Legacy

One of Trump’s most lasting contributions is his transformation of the federal judiciary. By appointing three Supreme Court justices and numerous federal judges, he secured a legacy that will impact the nation’s legal landscape for generations. Trump’s commitment to upholding conservative values and constitutional principles is a testament to his dedication to preserving the foundations of American governance.

Trump Mt. Rushmore Coin

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Unprecedented Populist Connection

Donald Trump’s presidency resonated deeply with a diverse cross-section of Americans who felt overlooked by traditional politicians. His outsider status and unapologetic “America First” approach garnered unprecedented populist support. Adding Trump to Mount Rushmore is a celebration of a leader who genuinely connected with the people, ensuring their voices were not only heard but also reflected in the highest corridors of power.

Adding Donald Trump to Mount Rushmore is an homage to a leader whose transformative impact on the nation cannot be ignored. His economic triumphs, diplomatic brilliance, judicial legacy, and unparalleled connection with the American people make a compelling case for this recognition. As the debate unfolds, it is clear that Trump’s legacy deserves a prominent place among the great leaders who have shaped the course of American history.

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Shocking Christmas Knife Attack: “I Want All The White People Dead”


A disturbing incident that unfolded on Christmas Day at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, involving the alleged assailant Steven Hutcherson, highlights not only the immediate threat to public safety but also raises serious questions about the efficacy of the criminal justice system in progressive cities, especially in the face of individuals with a history of violence and explicit racial threats.

The knife attack victims were two teenage girls, aged 14 and 16.

Hutcherson, a 36-year-old Bronx resident, is accused of a vicious attack on two teenage girls at the Tartinery in the Grand Central Dining Concourse. What makes this crime particularly alarming is not only the brutal nature of the assault but also the racially charged threats Hutcherson reportedly uttered during the attack. According to witnesses, he shouted, “I want all the white people dead,” and “I want to sit next to the crackers.” This explicit expression of racial animosity adds a deeply troubling layer to an already heinous crime.

The suspect’s disturbing criminal history, marked by 17 arrests over the past two decades and more than half a dozen domestic violence complaints, paints a bleak picture. What’s even more concerning is that Hutcherson had been released back onto the streets by Judge Matthew Grieco, appointed by Mayor Eric Adams, after a previous incident in which he made explicit threats. During that encounter, Hutcherson aggressively confronted a stranger, yelling, “Why are you working for white people? I’m going to kill this man.” He went on to escalate the threats, explicitly stating his intent to shoot the victim and showing complete disregard for immigration status.

This leniency in the face of explicit racial threats and a history of violent behavior underscores the conservative argument for a tough-on-crime approach. Critics argue that a focus on progressive policies often results in an insufficient response to those who pose a clear and present danger to society. The failure to hold Hutcherson accountable earlier is not just a miscarriage of justice; it’s a failure to prioritize the safety of the community over a misguided notion of leniency.

The racial nature of the threats issued by the suspect intensifies the need for a thorough reevaluation of current criminal justice approaches. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining law and order through a robust system that ensures the safety of all citizens, regardless of their racial or ethnic background. The incident with Steven Hutcherson serves as a stark example of the consequences of deviating from a tough-on-crime stance, a stance that is crucial for deterring criminal behavior and protecting the well-being of communities. As communities grapple with rising crime rates, the case of Hutcherson highlights the urgent need for a reinvigorated commitment to public safety and a reevaluation of policies that may inadvertently compromise it.


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Two Men Win Women’s Cycling Competition in Illinois


“Tessa” Johnson and “Evelyn” Williamson, two biological men, claimed top honors in a womens’ cycling competition in Illinois. Their “victories” are part of a nationwide attack on women’s sports. This attack is fueled by radical gender ideology.

Johnson and Williamson not only won, but decisively dominated their female counterparts in the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships. This is the usual outcome when men compete with biological women. The absurd outcome led to the pair proudly stood on the podium. Kristin Chalmers, the only biological woman present came in a distant third place. To add insult to injury, Johnson secured the top spot in the women’s category 1/2 race, walking away with a $150 prize.

Johnson and Williamson: A Legacy Of Cheating

Indeed, both Johnson and Williamson have a long track record of dominating in women’s sports. With an unsettling track record of 18 first-place titles since 2017, Williamson has consistently overshadowed his female competitors. Their previous triumph in October at the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series only served to underscore the farce, relegating yet another biological female to an undeserved third position.


Conservative voices, rightfully outraged by this mockery of genuine competition, are speaking out. Tennis legend Martina Navratilova minced no words, rightfully pointing out the absurdity of allowing “mediocre male bodies” to dominate in female sports. Piers Morgan echoed these sentiments, condemning this blatant assault on women’s rights as an egregious offense that demands immediate rectification.

Former All-American swimmer Riley Gaines, a staunch critic of transgender women participating in women’s sports, took a commendable stand by offering financial compensation to female cyclists willing to boycott USA Cycling competitions. Gaines’s call to reject what she rightfully labels a farce resonates with those steadfast in their commitment to upholding the integrity of women’s sports.

Amidst this troubling scenario, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) deserves commendation for taking a decisive step in July by banning men from elite women’s competitions. This move, long overdue, marks a crucial step towards restoring sanity and fairness to sports.

It is high time for conservatives to not only express their disdain for the encroachment on women’s sports but also demand swift and resolute action to protect the sanctity of true competition. The sacred space of women’s sports must be shielded from distortion, and conservatives must unite to ensure accountability and fairness prevail.

Do you have any crazy stories about biological men competing in women’s sports near you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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