Biden Sent $121M To Hamas-Affiliated UN Agency Since October


Since last October, the Biden administration has shockingly chosen to allocate an astonishing $121 million in taxpayer funds to UNRWA, a U.N. agency that has repeatedly come under scrutiny for its disturbing and well-documented ties to Hamas, as unequivocally stated by the State Department just this Tuesday.

The remaining $300,000 earmarked for this fiscal year was poised to be handed over to this dubious humanitarian relief organization in the next few weeks. However, the U.S. wisely took a stand against potential complicity, freezing those funds over highly credible allegations that some UNRWA members actively participated in the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel that unfolded on October 7, a revelation laid bare by State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.

Miller, at the State Department’s daily press briefing, did not mince words when he declared that the funding has been outrightly suspended. The unsettling lack of transparency surrounding the extent of possible future financial contributions to UNRWA this fiscal year, should the funds be unfrozen, only exacerbates the concerning opacity within the government operating under a continuing resolution.

The Biden administration’s inexplicable and reckless decision to reverse former President Donald Trump’s prudent cut in funding to UNRWA raises serious and justified concerns. This move entails funneling hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to an organization that critics rightfully argue is essentially a puppet and mouthpiece for Hamas, a designated terrorist organization with a well-documented history of violence and hostility towards Israel.

The troubling web of UNRWA’s sinister ties to Hamas has been thrust into the spotlight after Israel presented the Biden administration with a detailed dossier, providing damning evidence about how approximately 13 agency staffers allegedly played a direct role in supporting the Hamas terror attacks on October 7. In a semblance of responsible action, the Biden administration begrudgingly announced a temporary pause in “additional” funding to UNRWA. It’s heartening, however, to see that Germany, Italy, Australia, Finland, Netherlands, and Switzerland have displayed the necessary fortitude by joining the boycott, recognizing the gravity of supporting an entity with links to terrorism.

Despite the damning evidence, accusations of terrorism, and the suspension of funds by other responsible nations, the White House astonishingly continues to defend UNRWA. They expect us to believe that the entire agency should not be judged based on the actions of a mere 13 individuals, a stance that appears to be more about political posturing than a commitment to principled values.

The next expected payment to UNRWA in the summer, contingent on Congress’s approval, is nothing short of a continuation of misguided priorities and an alarming willingness to compromise on matters of national security. In the face of this appalling support for an organization linked to terrorism, it is imperative for concerned citizens to question the wisdom of the Biden administration’s decisions, decisions that seem to undermine the very principles and values that the United States has traditionally stood for.