Biden Seeks MEGA $10B+ Ukraine Aid While Americans Suffer

Biden Seeks MEGA $10B+ Ukraine Aid While Americans Suffer

( – According to a report on Tuesday, President Joe Biden will shortly ask Congress for an aid package for Ukraine that might cost more than $10 billion.

According to Punchbowl News, the fight over Ukraine aid will go back up when Congress reconvenes.

The forthcoming request, which might cost “north of $10 billion,” comes as America and other NATO nations have promised to back Ukraine as it conducts its slow-moving counteroffensive against Russia.

On Monday, the Army’s in charge of procurement informed reporters that the Department of Defense was putting together a financial proposal for lawmakers to consider.

The shipment would rebuild depleted American weapon stocks after providing ammunition for Ukraine’s protracted struggle with Russia.

Even as voters become weary of the idea of further taxpayer funds being used to support the Kyiv administration, the United States has given more than $110 billion in aid to Ukraine.

According to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), any additional cash for Ukraine should go through regular order or the budgetary process rather than a supplementary package.

In July, 70 House Republicans voted to halt financing for Ukraine, which heated the anticipated dispute over help for that country.

In contrast, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has criticized the Fiscal Responsibility Act’s existing defense spending cap, the arrangement that McCarthy and Biden reached to raise the debt ceiling, and has advocated for a substantial aid package for Ukraine.

Additionally, since both chambers of Congress must approve appropriations bills by the end of September to prevent a government shutdown, ample floor time would be needed for a Ukraine aid package.

According to a survey issued last week, most Americans are against giving more aid to Ukraine.

The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft’s senior adviser Kelley Vlahos argued that the poll does not benefit Biden.

“The poll also doesn’t bode well for Biden’s handling of major foreign policy issues,” Vlahos explained.

“Some 53 percent disapprove of how he is handling the war in Ukraine; 56 percent disapprove of how he is handling Russia; and 57 percent disapprove of how he is handling the relationship with China,” he added.

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