Biden Offers Pornographer Payola for Propaganda

In an astonishing turn of events that might sound like a punchline waiting to happen, an OnlyFans creator and TikTok star, Farha Khalidi, has come forward with claims that she was paid to peddle what she describes as “political propaganda” for the Biden administration. This tale unfolds with a hint of desperation and comic absurdity that one might expect from a political satire, not real life.

Khalidi shared during a podcast interview that she was roped into boosting the profile of then-Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson among her tens of thousands of followers, following Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court by President Biden. What makes this scenario veer into the realm of the absurd is not just the administration’s choice of messenger, but their instructions: Khalidi was allegedly told to hide the fact that her endorsements were advertisements. According to her, the logic was baffling yet bemusing: “It’s not technically a product, so you don’t have to disclose it’s an ad.”

The administration’s strategy? Apparently, to leverage Khalidi’s identity as a “edgy girl of color” to manufacture a sense of grassroots support for their nomination. They even scripted her to say, “as a person of color,” she felt “reflected” by Brown Jackson’s nomination—though the prompt was delivered by a white woman from a third-party media company, adding another layer of cringe to this clumsy attempt at authenticity.

Khalidi, to her credit, rejected the script, unwilling to parrot lines that felt disingenuous, especially those fed to her by someone who couldn’t share her personal experience as a person of color. She expressed her disillusionment with the process, candidly noting that the attempt to use her as a mouthpiece for political gain left her somewhat “black-pilled on political propaganda.”

This episode raises eyebrows not just for its brazenness but for what it suggests about the Democrat Party’s approach to engaging younger voters. It seems there’s no influencer too niche, no platform too unconventional (or salacious), if it might help the message stick. From OnlyFans to the White House—a curious campaign trail indeed, made all the more peculiar by the administration’s apparent belief that the endorsement of a social media influencer, known more for adult content than political punditry, could be a game-changer.

The White House’s silence in response to these revelations is deafening, leaving the public piecing together this puzzling strategy. It’s an embarrassing spectacle that reeks of desperation and a fundamental misunderstanding of how to genuinely connect with voters, particularly young voters of color. The Democrat Party, it seems, might be scrolling a little too far down the influencer list in a misguided bid for relevance and relatability.


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