Biden Likely Replaced By This Democratic Nominee for President

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – According to seven senior sources from the Biden campaign, the White House, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Vice President Kamala Harris is the front-runner to succeed President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The leak to Reuters reflects the irritation the Biden campaign feels due to his dismal debate performance and the calls that followed for him to withdraw from the contest.

Four damaging leaks about Biden have occurred in the last two days. Prior disclosures revealed Biden’s napping habits during the debate preparation process, staff members’ anxiety about speaking with Biden because of outbursts of rage, and former President Obama’s worries about Biden’s electoral prospects.

The first two leaks, according to the White House, were untrue.

Given how simple it would be to forward Biden’s donations to his vice president, Harris is the front-runner.

According to a Tuesday CNN poll, the sources told Reuters that she also has the best name recognition and polling statistics compared to former President Donald Trump.

But there are still difficulties.

At just 39%, Harris’s approval rating is far lower than the 50% needed for incumbents to win reelection. As a border czar, she could not close the open southern border.

According to political analysts, Democrats may be trapped with Biden for three reasons:

It won’t be easy to replace Biden on ballots in all 50 states.
Raising the necessary funds for a new contender won’t be easy.
It will be challenging to identify a replacement who would be willing to serve as a sacrificial lamb.

“People may have dreams of another superhero, but there is a process, and the last time I checked, it’s a Biden-Harris ticket. She’s number two on the ticket,” said Donna Brazile, the former interim chair of the DNC.

“Biden remains the nominee for the Democrat Party and “is not going anywhere,” she added.

Not everyone agrees with Brazile. “It’s pretty near impossible to win the nomination against the vice president,” said Michael Trujillo, a former Democratic strategist for Hillary Clinton, in support of Harris.

“All of the delegates are not just Joe Biden delegates, they are Kamala Harris delegates,” Trujillo explained. “She will have a sizable delegation and support in all 50 states on day one.”

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