Biden Family IGNORE Hunter’s Estranged Daughter When Counting Grandkids

Biden Family IGNORE Hunter's Estranged Daughter When Counting Grandkids

( According White House insider sources, Hunter Biden’s estranged daughter is not be counted among President Joe Biden’s grandchildren.

In-depth coverage of Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend Lunden Roberts’ efforts to secure a child support agreement for their daughter Navy Joan was published by the New York Times.

Roberts will receive some of Hunter’s paintings (sold for a combined price of $500,000) as part of the settlement but not the couple’s daughter, as Hunter’s legal team had sought, according to the story.

In previous reports, the Biden White House has repeatedly claimed that the president had six rather than seven grandkids.

According to the New York Times, the president’s advisers received specific instructions to disregard his seventh grandchild:

“His public image is centered around his devotion to his family — including Hunter, his only surviving son. In strategy meetings in recent years, aides have been told that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

The White House did not respond to questions about the case, in keeping with how officials have answered questions about the Biden family before.”

The president allegedly abandoned his granddaughter for political reasons, according to conservatives, who expressed their anger online in response to this disclosure.

Even then, The New York Times acknowledged that the president’s handling of Navy Joan might cost him votes in 2024.

“The strength of his political persona, which emphasizes decency, family, and duty, was enough to defeat Mr. Trump the first time around, and he would need to keep it intact if Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee in 2024,” it stated.

Online conservative critics were more direct.

What did this 4-year-old do to deserve this treatment from these monsters? No child deserves this, and the Biden family should be ashamed.

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