Biden DENIES Mistakes Made in Afghanistan Withdrawal, Asserts ‘I Was Right’

Biden DENIES Mistakes Made in Afghanistan Withdrawal, Asserts 'I Was Right'

( – President Joe Biden reiterated remarks after the State Department published an “after-action review” of the botched withdrawal, saying that his decision to remove American forces from Afghanistan, which resulted in 13 deaths and more injuries, was not a mistake.

As Biden left the room after delivering live remarks on the Supreme Court decision invalidating his $430 billion student debt forgiveness scheme, a reporter asked him if he would concede failure in Afghanistan.

“Mr. President, do you acknowledge Afghanistan’s failure? Mistakes? A report on the disengagement from Afghanistan claimed that there had been failures and errors. Do you acknowledge that errors were made both before and during the withdrawal?” the journalist questioned.

“No, no,” Biden retorted as he turned around. “All of the evidence is accumulating. Recall what I said about Afghanistan, don’t you? Al-Qaeda wouldn’t be there, I said. I guaranteed that it wouldn’t be. I promised that the Taliban would assist us. What’s going on right now? What is happening? Read the news. I was correct.”

Another reporter attempted to question Biden about the report, but Biden left the room.

The Taliban marched into Kabul and overthrew the U.S.-backed government, forcing American officials, contractors, and people to escape hurriedly. Biden has always denied having any misgivings regarding the pullback.

Both the Trump and Biden administrations were held accountable by the report, which concentrated on State Department activities, for failing to prepare for the worst-case situations.

Journalists questioned whether the State Department report’s release on the Friday before the Fourth of July weekend was an attempt to conceal the report’s conclusions at the White House briefing.

The pullout, which resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers and some 170 Afghans after an ISIS suicide bomber struck a gate at the airport where the disorganized evacuation was planned, has not yet resulted in anybody being dismissed.

According to reports, Marine Staff Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews testified before Congress that he and others had seen the suicide bomber but were not granted clearance to fight.

The bottom line is that the exit from Afghanistan was an embarrassment and a disaster. And he had the AUDACITY to look at his watch while soldiers’ remains were removed from the plane coming home.

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