Biden Administration Prioritizes Muslim & Arab Wellbeing

WH Prioritizes Muslim & Arab Wellbeing!

( – Senior White House staff members allegedly arranged wellness sessions for aides who might be experiencing difficulties due to Israel’s defense actions against the terrorist organization Hamas.

Eight officials told Politico that the gatherings, dubbed “listening sessions,” included thoughtful “discussions” over the war and how it affected White House aides.

On October 13, national security adviser Jake Sullivan held a single virtual wellness check staff meeting. Politico portrayed the gathering of approximately a hundred staff members as a review of the Biden administration’s war policy, noting that “not everyone agrees with it and has their own strong, personal feelings about the fighting.”

According to one official, the wellness meetings were centered on combating the prevailing “culture of fear” with a proactive culture of support.

The Muslim, Arab, Palestinian, and Jewish aides attended separate meetings.

One White House insider told the publication that senior leaders “wanted our team — many who have served in the region and have family or colleagues there — to know these are tough times across the board, and that we need to check on one another.”

Additionally, one insider told Politico that Chief of Staff Jeff Zients led a conference call with Cabinet Secretaries of President Joe Biden “to ensure they are reaching out to their Muslim, Arab American, and Palestinian staff along with Jewish staff.”

The conversations are taking place when many Democrats are not satisfied with President Joe Biden’s stance on Israel support.

Josh Paul, the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs director, resigned last week due to the disagreement.

It is alleged that steps are being taken by the Department of State and the Department of Defense to defuse the situation.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Arab, Muslim, and Jewish staff members and brought up the dispute in a letter to aides last week.

According to a government official who spoke with Politico, the DOD offered mental health support to those “struggling with the conflict.”

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