The 6 Best Protein Sources For Survival

best protein sources

Want to know what the best protein sources are for survival? Look no further.

Many preppers have a stockpile of food ready and waiting for an SHTF situation. These foods often consist of canned foods, freeze-dried meals, and dry goods. That’s because these foods can be kept for a very long time without expiring.

Although a long shelf-life is important, it’s also crucial to consider what these foods will do for your body. For instance, the human body needs to run on carbs, calories, fat and protein in order to stay alive.

And, although carbs provide an immediate boost of energy, you can often crash afterward – particularly if you have to stay put and can’t exert that energy. This crash often leads to weight gain, since the carbs will turn to sugar, and then to fat in your body.

That’s why protein is such an incredible and necessary element in our diet (especially in survival mode). Protein keeps you full for longer, and helps feed lean muscle (rather than adding fat to it). It also helps keep your energy up and keeps you moving in a crisis.

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Having a variety of protein sources is very important for any prepper’s stockpile. And so, to stay successful in a crisis, you’ll need to stock up on…

The 6 Best Protein Sources For Survival

Legumes, Seeds & Plants

Legumes (aka beans) are a great source of protein. Not only are they incredibly filling, but they’re also very versatile. And when you dry them, their shelf-life increases dramatically. Soybeans in particular are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Although most every nut and seed is healthy (assuming they’re not drenched in salt), lentils are particularly useful in a crisis, as they’re high in iron. Peanuts are also an excellent option for both shelf-life and versatility. Not to mention, flax seed (particularly when it’s ground) provides healthy fiber the body needs to keep things moving.

When it comes to plants, dark leafy greens are often your best bet. These provide lots of nutritional value, and spinach and kale in particular provide a good amount of calcium (important for strong bones).


Chickens are often the #1 animal of choice for preppers. (Not sure why? Check out our blog on it here). Well, the good news is these don’t just make great pets – they’re also an excellent source of protein.

Not to mention, chickens also lay eggs, which can also be a great source of protein (as well as other vitamins and minerals). Cook these eggs for breakfast or boil them for all-day snacks

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Much like chickens, rabbits are very easy to take care of and are fairly low maintenance. Not to mention, rabbits are also excellent breeders, so you can have a seemingly endless supply of protein at your fingertips.

However, it’s important to mention that preppers should not live solely on rabbit alone as their protein source, since it has very little fat. In fact, this reliance on rabbit (and almost complete lack of fat) can often lead to “rabbit poisoning.” As such, it’s important to consume various types of meats and a large variety of protein-rich foods that have high fat content (such as nuts and eggs).


If you’ve got livestock (or have a friend with a farm) this is a no-brainer. Beef can be frozen, canned, or dried to last longer. Not to mention, it’s downright delicious (and an excellent source of protein).

Other Animals You Can Hunt or Fish For

Hunting and fishing are incredibly valuable life skills that can ensure you get your daily dose of protein. If they’re in the area, wildlife like bison, deer, boar, elk and bear all provide very high protein.

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Smaller game can also be very filling, as long as you know how to trap them. Animals like pheasant, geese, ducks and turkeys can make an ideal protein source.

And, of course, if you’re near a lake, river or ocean you’ll want to fish for halibut, trout, salmon, bass and more. Fish is incredibly healthy for you, and provide a whopping amount of protein to keep you full.

Grass-Fed Protein Powder

The above food sources are vital and necessary for your food stockpile. However, the fact remains there’s no guarantee you’ll have access to any of these foods/meats in a crisis. And, depending on where you are when SHTF, you may not have any wildlife or stockpile items around you.

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