5 Of The Best Multitools For Your EDC

What you’re about to see are quite possibly the best multitools on the market. And if you don’t have them in your EDC, you’d better get on it stat before SHTF.

For those that don’t know, a multitool is essentially a survival tool that has a variety of functions. It’s incredibly handy, since it has a ton of different uses. It also replaces the need for having lots of individual tools on hand at all times. Plus, they’re typically pretty compact and are able to easily fit in your hand or pocket.

Multitools are ideal in a survival situation since they allow you to get a large variety of tasks done without weighing down your bug-out bag.

This 6-In-1 MultiTool Has Everything You Need For Survival

Multitools have gotten hugely popular, and have blown up the survival/camping/emergency preparedness market. Consequently, this has given shady manufacturers an opportunity to put a lot of crappy multitools in front of consumers. And, if you’re not careful, you may fall for one of these cheap ploys and end up with a piece of crap.

Thankfully, there are certain multitools that stand the test of time, and are worth their wait in gold. For example, here are…

5 Of The Best Multitools For Your EDC

The Tool That Does It All: $90
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Picture courtesy of Backdoor Survival

The Leatherman Wave is an incredibly functional multitool with a huge variety of uses. It includes needle nose pliers, a wire stripper, a package opener, a bottle opener, regular pliers, scissors, a knife, a variety of different screwdrivers, and more.

Weighing in at a durable 0.5 lbs. this tool is still compact enough to use with one hand. (Don’t worry, its sharp blades lock into place when you’re not using it).

And with a 25-year warranty you can bet this multitool will stand the test of time.

The Credit Card Sized Survival Tool: $10

Picture courtesy of Backdoor Survival

The READYMAN Wilderness Survival Card has become hugely popular among the prepping community. Probably because of how insanely useful it is!

This compact survival tool easily fits in your pocket. It also contains a ton of survival tools that can seamlessly aid you in an emergency. Things like fish hooks, arrowheads, saws, sewing needles, and more.

The READYMAN & This Survival Tool Make The Ideal Survival Combo

Whether you’re going about your normal routine or are facing a major emergency, it’s likely you’ll be able to use at least one of these survival tools with you wherever you go!

The Hammer-Time Tool: $18

The Wild and Wolf Hammer Multitool is a game changer for anyone who loves doing DIY projects. And when a crisis comes, this survival tool will seriously come in handy.

This impressive multitool has the capabilities of a Phillips head screwdriver, a shucker, bottle opener, can opener, plain-edge knife, and pliers. However, what really sets it apart is the hammer. When it comes to building just about anything, this little tool can make the job 10x easier.

The Multi-Use Wearable: $165 – $185

Picture courtesy of Backdoor Survival

The Leatherman TREAD is truly one of a kind, as it’s the very first wearable multitool. This incredible device fits nearly any adult-size wrist, and has customizable links which you can replace if necessary.

This wearable also boasts 29 different tools, including a large variety of multiple screwdrivers, hex drives and wrenches. It also features a cutting hook, bottle opener, 1/4″ socket drive adapter, and a carbide glass breaker.

Plus, since you wear this multitool on your wrist, you’ll always have it on you. No more digging through your pack (or even your pocket) to get the right tool – it’s always ready when you are.


The 6-In-One Multitool: FREE

The 6-in-1 Multitool is one of the most compact survival tools on the market. Its ingenious design makes the tool incredibly easy to handle and store in your pocket. Plus, when closed, each of its survival tools locks firmly in place – so you never have to worry about any of them coming apart while you’re carrying.

This survival tool carries all the essentials: Spring-Loaded Pliers, a 3mm Phillips Screwdriver, File, Knife, Flat-head Screwdriver, and a locking Keychain. This allows you to carry this tool on your keyring, on your bug out bag, or in your pocket for the ultimate convenience.

Not to mention, the thing that really sets this multitool apart is the price. All the other multitools on this list will easily run you between $10 – $200. However, today only (thanks to an incredibly rare promotion) you can get this multitool for FREE.

Click here to snag yours before the deal is up. Time is ticking, and if you’re too late you’ll have to pay Full Price!


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