How To Find The Best Bug Out Bag

best bug out bag
Want to find the best bug out bag to meet your needs? You’re in the right spot. Every good prepper knows your bug out bag is one of the most essential survival tools you’ll have at your disposal when SHTF.
If you need to get outta dodge these bags are crucial for storing your supplies and keeping you fed, hydrated, sheltered and ready for anything.
Unfortunately, many preppers don’t know what to look for in a bug out bag. And as a result they buy the wrong one – and regret it later.

We want you to make the best decision possible on a bag that will fit your needs. That’s why we’re giving you these survival tips on… 

How To Find The Best Bug Out Bag

Be Selective About Size

A bag’s carrying capacity sets the stage for your survival experience. However, bigger is not always better.

Bug out bags very much face the “Goldilocks principle” – too big, and the bag weighs you down. Too small, and you can’t store everything you need. No, the best bug out bag is going to be just right.

Bug out bags typically come in three standard sizes: 40 Liters (small), 60 Liters (medium) and 80+ Liters (large). And, in general, the middle-of-the-road option is where you want to be.

Medium bags are great because they’re spacious, while allowing you to haul your stuff around for long distances. They also don’t have as much capacity as the large bags, which helps prevent overpacking.

However, having an additional smaller bag can be a huge asset. For instance, you can fill this with the non-essentials and have your child carry it. They’ll feel helpful, and you won’t have to carry the entire load.

In general, avoiding large bags is a good idea. Unless you can somehow keep it in your vehicle and access it 24/7 (not usually possible in a crisis) keep them on the store shelf.

Make Organization A Priority

Some preppers love planning out where each survival tool will go, down to the last detail. For the rest of us,  we need a bag that can help us prioritize organization. It may sound like a drag, but this is the best way to ensure you’re able to access your gear quickly and easily (crucial for survival).

The best bug out bag often has plenty of compartments to keep similar items together. Opt for ones with a large compartment in the main area, and then lots of medium and small compartments on the front and sides.

Keep in mind you’ll need to be able to close every single compartment. If they don’t seal shut, you’ll risk things falling out. Plus, bug out bags take lots of abuse in a survival situation. If they don’t close, things like bugs, water and dirt can easily get inside.

Focus On Support

This aspect will literally make or break you in a survival situation. That’s because, without the right support, bug out bags will actually hurt your body and can cause damage to your back, hips, and shoulders. And this just makes everything worse.

Keep in mind you’ll likely be carrying around 30-40 pounds of gear. Which means you’ll need a bag that can support this weight. It also needs to disperse this pressure around your body to help you travel long distances.

Normal backpacks offer two shoulder straps. However, in the case of bug out bags, the more straps the better.

The best bug out bag will have shoulder straps, as well as straps for your chest and your waist. These spread the load more evenly across your body.

The best bug out bag will also offer a supportive frame. Internal and external frames help support the weight throughout the bag, preventing tears. And this is definitely worth the investment, especially if your bag is 40+ pounds.

Superior Durability

Remember when I said your bag is likely going to take a lot of abuse? Well, the best bug out bag will be one that can withstand this abuse, and resist ripping & tearing. Thick straps, resistance to water, durable fabrics/materials, and heavy, quality stitching all help make a superior bug out bag.

Keep Up Appearances

This is often the most overlooked factor when it comes to bug out bags. However, it’s one of the most crucial for your survival experience.

Why care about appearance? Well, first impressions are everything. And when you’re out and about people are going to take notice of how you dress, what you’re wearing and how you present yourself. And blending in as absolutely key in an emergency situation.

Many preppers opt for a camouflage military-style bag. Unfortunately, this is just the impression you DON’T want to be making. Bags like these often come with the impression that you’ve prepared, and have a lot of preps. And this can backfire, since many people will likely do anything to distract you and steal your preps.

Bright colors are also a no-go. These will catch any greedy man’s eye – and it will be easy to find in the crowd.

Instead, opt for neutral colors that easily blend into a multitude of environments. These include dark grey, brown, dark grey and tan.

Prevent Mistakes Before They Occur

Even with all these tips, mistakes can still occur when buying and using a bug out bag. That’s why it’s important to learn what these mistakes are ahead of time, so you can avoid getting into trouble.

Check out the video below for some important information on bug out bag mistakes to avoid.