5 Bedroom Bug Out Bag Essentials

bedroom bug out bag

Do you have a bedroom bug out bag? Most preppers don’t – and the ugly truth is this will likely come back to haunt them.


Studies show we spend at least 1/3 of our time in the bedroom – sleeping or otherwise. As such, it’s extremely likely you’ll be in your bedroom when a major emergency (i.e: natural disaster, home invasion, house fire, etc.) occurs. And if you aren’t able to grab your go-bag and hit the road in seconds, this can put you in extreme danger.

It’s important to note that where you place your bedroom bug out bag is of crucial importance. For instance, you don’t want it sitting out for anyone to find (hello, theft). However, you need to keep it easy to access. Places like under your bed, in your closet and in your dresser drawer are often good places to store your bag until SHTF.

Of course, what you put in your bedroom bug out bag is also extremely important. And that’s where you’ll need this list of…

5 Bedroom Bug Out Bag Essentials

PRO TIPS: There’s a few things you need to remember about this list (and about bedroom go-bags in general). First off, the below list is by no means comprehensive. There are many more survival tools that can help you in this type of scenario. These suggestions are just meant to give you an idea of some of the basics you’ll need.

Second of all, your bedroom go-bag should be seen as a supplement to your ordinary bug out bag – NOT a replacement for it. Think of it this way – if you have to get out of the house and the only way to do it is by jumping out your bedroom window, what would you want with you? What are the absolute essentials?

You may have some similar items in your bedroom g0-bag as you do your ordinary bug-out bag. But your bedroom bag shouldn’t be nearly as heavy or huge. It should also be able to fit through your bedroom window (if you have one).

Now that we’ve gone over that, here are some ideas of things to put in your bedroom bug out bag…

Comfortable Hiking Boots

(Keep in mind these can either be in your bag or next to it – your choice).

If you’re jumping out the bedroom window, you better be wearing some comfortable hiking boots. That’s because you’ll be likely traveling on foot – so you better be able to walk miles in these boots if necessary. Hiking boots are also great for most types of terrain, so you know they won’t start to wear out if you hit a rocky trail.

Make sure to add some elastic locking laces onto your boots. These are incredibly handy since they lock your laces in place. This makes it so you never have to tie your shoes again (and ensures you don’t have to fumble around in the dark).

A Reliable Source Of Light

There’s something about darkness that creates the perfect atmosphere for emergencies to occur. And when they do, you’ll likely be in bed. Do yourself a favor and pack a reliable flashlight. Better yet, keep it clipped to the outside of the bag for easy access.


The importance of this can not be stressed enough. And yet, many preppers forget to place this in their bag, thinking they’ll “remember later” (and don’t).

Until cash is rendered useless, you will need it with you when SHTF. After all, cash allow you to buy essentials you’ll need at a moment’s notice. It also helps hide your identity when you pay – unlike debit/credit cards, which can be easily tracked.

Water, Instant Coffee, Thermos, & Snacks

When you’re woken up in the middle of the night during an emergency, you likely won’t have a spring in your step and a glimmer in your eye. And once you get away from the danger, that adrenaline is going to wear off and your energy is likely to crash…HARD. Prepare for this now by putting a bottle of water, a thermos, and some packets of instant coffee in your bedroom bug out bag.

Be sure to also add some snacks that won’t go bad right away. Things like granola bars, trail mix, and canned meat are all good options to have with you on the go.

A Survival Necklace

This one is pretty genius, and is super simple to make. Just grab a long piece of paracord and attach a bunch of compact survival tools to it. There’s a few ways to do this, such as:

  • Inserting the paracord through a hole in the tool
  • Tying the tool onto the paracord
  • Attaching the tool to a keyring or carabiner and looping the paracord through the hole

Survival tools like emergency whistles, mini glow sticks, survival sporks, pocket compasses, mini first-aid kits, fire starters, multitools, and paracord grenades can all attach to your survival necklace. This provides an easy and convenient place to store your preps – without getting them lost in your go-bag.

Once you attach the tools, simply tie the ends of the paracord together to make one large loop. Place that loop in your bag – and then around your neck when it’s time to head out. Simple as that!

Again, this list isn’t comprehensive. Stock up on these survival supplies (and more) now, and put them in your bedroom bug out bag so you’re ready when an emergency occurs!